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Robotics for children

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Robotics is a wide field of science and technology that has seen so much innovation over the years. The progress that scientists have been able to make with every new robot invention is quite impressive considering all the work that has to go through the creation of just one robot. It doesn’t matter what kind of robot it is, it could be a collaborative robot, or it might as well be a palletizing robot.

As a matter of fact, the field of robotics has grown so much so, that it is now being considered as something that could slowly be incorporated into the subjects that children learn in school. This would give them a solid foundation of the general field of robotics, and so if they end up wanting to pursue robotics as a career, they would do it without having to start from the basics.

Robotics as a subject

Robotics is not a subject in itself, at least not for school children, as it would be too much for them and it might end up taking over all the room which is meant for other activities as well, which are vital for shaping an all rounded learner. This is why robotics has been broken down to the most basic form it can be, in order for teachers to be able to accommodate the young ones and have them learn a thing or two about robotics.

However, even though robotics cannot quite be introduced to children as a subject, there are so many other things that they learn that help them to understand robotics and how robots are made from start to finish. This is of course in terms of the basic robots and not the complex ones. Some of these things that they learn include the STEM education which basically stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Some of it also comes in when the students learn how to code in computer science.

Laying the foundation for children

In case you want your children to dive into the world of robotics, or if you start to notice that your child has an interest in robots, then it is good to lay some foundations for that child, because the earlier the better. If STEM is not offered in their school, then perhaps you need to consider enrolling that child to a STEM class because the subjects, science, technology, engineering and mathematics play a crucial role for children who are interested in stuff like robotics.

As a matter of fact, college studies that help create scientists who build robots include mechanical engineering, which goes towards the physical systems that make up a robot, which is basically the body. Electrical and electronic engineering which help in the control systems and low level programming of the robot, that is the nervous system. And last but not least computer science which can basically be thought of as the brain of the robot, and this is because the focus here when it comes to robotics would be in software design as well as artificial intelligence. These are the core things that enable a robot to function independently.

Learning by and with robots

Robotics can be a very useful tool for children to learn with at school. It could inspire curiosity and bring out the urge in children to especially learn sciences and math, which tend to be the least favorite of subjects for most learners. Apart from teachers using a robot as a tool for learning, they can also teach children how to build their own robots, kind of like they are taught pottery. This would be quite exciting and many people would be surprised at how easy building a robot can be.

Robotics could be a good way to go for a parent who is struggling to find an appropriate after school activity for their brilliant minded child. It can bring out their creativity as well as keep them busy and have something to look forward to. In as much as robotics may be a job and a hard one at that, it is quite fun for children.