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Responsibility of landlords in maintaining high quality water

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If you are renting out your property, you need to be well aware of your duty with regard to the same. Landlords not only rent out their property and collect the rent every month, but are also responsible for the safety of the premises and the security of the tenants. One of the most important duty of the landlord includes the safe supply of water. The landlord is responsible for maintenance and repairs of the cold water storage tanks as well as hot water supply to buildings. This means they will have to undertake laboratory analysis from time to time.

How are landlords responsible?

Every tank for cold water or hot water should be tested for water borne bacterias. These bacterias can have a huge impact on the health of the tenants and the landlord could end up in trouble if he ignores his responsibility towards them. Additionally, if the landlord maintains electric water heaters and clarifiers, then he will have to get them tested as well. AquaCert is one of the renowned landlord legionella test kit providers  and makes it easier for the landlord to test the water quality. They provide complete kits fit for thorough testing and do not require much time or efforts.

There are separate kits available for testing on showers and testing on water heaters. These kits are simple to use and will be picked up by the professionals once they have been filled with water. The purpose of the kit is to enable you to test the quality of the water in a quick and simple manner. The water will be tested in a laboratory and the results will be delivered to you at the earliest. In case of poor quality of water, you will be responsible to take necessary steps towards the same.

The kit contains complete instructions about the use and you can order the same based on your needs. If you do not have water heaters, you can only use the kit designed for showers. It is impossible to judge the quality of water without testing it in a laboratory. Water that looks crystal clear to you, might contain a number of bacteria which can cause pneumonia as well. For your safety and for the safety of your tenants, you need to ensure that you provide the best quality of water for daily use and this can be only done through a thorough testing. The laboratory is equipped with the latest tools and machinery and their results will be provided in complete details. If you are unable to understand the results, you can seek their assistance in the interpretation of the same. It is advisable to accept their recommendations and use them in the premises so as to improve the water quality. You could end up paying a huge fine in case you are not responsible towards the tenants. It is your property after all and you are only doing your best to maintain the same.