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Remedies To help you Maintain Cavities And Dental Hygiene

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Are you the one who is suffering from painful cavity? Problems that are related to the tooth, no doubt are painful always to deal with, but cavities are worst. You may feel drinking or eat anything as of you are in a hell. Read on to find out more about cavities and also how you can deal with it with the natural home remedies.

Cavities are considered as the tiny holes that take place in the teeth that result in tooth decay. This happens because of not maintaining proper dental hygiene and occurrence of plaque and bacteria. It may also occur because of the lack of minerals in the food. Besides cavities are getting more prominent, the tooth decay also gets characterized by the sticky black deposit that is presented in it.

Sometimes, taking care of all the things, necessary precautions and efforts, one might get easily affected by cavities. If you are also the one, try out the remedies mentioned below to keep the cavities away and dental hygiene at its best.

1-Mouthwash that contain fluoride

After brushing, wash your mouth with the mouthwash that includes fluoride in it. It is essential to do this two times in a day, i.e., in the morning and before sleeping at night. Since fewer minerals are the cause of cavity, using the mouthwash filled with fluoride is the best remedy to get rid of it.

2-Mixture of magnesium and calcium powder

Both of the ingredients work well to remineralize the tooth, and it also helps to keep the acid away that later leads to the cavity. Mix and grind the equal amount of both the tablets to get the powder. Use it to brush your teeth. Do this once daily.

3-COD Liver and butter oil

Both the essentials are rich in Vitamin D, A and K, that works best to maintain the dental hygiene. You may take both the capsules separately or take the supplement that contains both. Take the tablet regularly after your any meal once in a day.

4-Bone Broth

This has a lot of benefits as it is filled with minerals, vitamins, and healthy fats. It also helps to make the digestive system better and strengthens hair, nails, and skin as well. It is the source that is rich in magnesium and calcium and fights best to prevent tooth decay.

Boil the bones of an animal in water until the broth becomes thick. Add few pinches of salt and the powder of black pepper in it. Drink the soup while it gets little warm. Make sure to take it regularly in your diet.


The most common ingredient that is used the most for any dental related issues is salt water. It keeps the mouth away from bacteria and also removes stickiness. Salt balances the pH acid that gets created by the cavity of the teeth. Add few pinches of salt to the warm water and mix it. Gargle your mouth with that water. Do the process twice daily with the salt water.

6-Vegetable oil

The ingredient is best to use in getting rid of the teeth infection, and it also helps to relieve the pain. Its anti-healing property benefits to taking down the bacteria and changes that in the oil. It also reduces swelling that might have caused because of gums.

Fill the vegetable oil in the small cup. Rinse your mouth with the oil for about 10-15 minutes and then spit it. Instead of vegetable oil, you can also make a use of olive or coconut oil to get rid of the cavities.