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Recently passed your driving test? Check out the following advice

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15 Driving test tips to help you pass first time | RAC Drive

Congratulations on passing your driving test. You’re probably eager to hit the road and enjoy your newfound freedom and independence. But as a new driver, you should still exercise caution when getting behind the wheel for the first time. After all, the last thing you want is to be involved in a car accident, click here if you’re looking for a car accident attorney

Driving is a huge responsibility, so it makes sense that as a new driver you embrace good driving habits now so you can use them throughout your adult life. Here we’ll look at some simple advice that will help new drivers stay safe on the road. 

Slow down

So, you don’t have your mom and dad in the car with you, or your instructor monitoring your every move. This makes speeding incredibly tempting, even if you have no intention of breaking the speed limit, you may inadvertently do so because no one is sitting beside you. Monitoring your speed and taking it steady will help you build your confidence and get you used to driving independently. There’s a lot to take in when you’re behind the wheel, so reducing your speed will help you take it all in. 

Take care of your car!

Another responsibility of a new driver is keeping their car in good working order. Not only is this good for your bank balance, but it also ensures that your vehicle will react the way you need it to when you steer, accelerate and brake. Make sure you know how to check the fluid and oil levels of your vehicle, how to change a tire and how to complete basic maintenance.

Wear your seatbelt 

Be smart and wear your seatbelt. It could save your life. You should also ensure that every passenger in your vehicle buckles up too. As the driver, this is your responsibility. 

Know the dangers of distracted driving 

Using your phone behind the wheel, changing the song on your playlist, applying makeup or being distracted by your rowdy friends. All of these are examples of distracted driving – also referred to as reckless driving. You should be giving the road ahead your full attention, otherwise, you’re more likely to crash.

Make sure you’re prepared

Do you know who to call if your vehicle breaks down? Do you have all the right documentation if you’re pulled over by the police? Ensure you have all the right equipment, numbers and information that you might need in an emergency.