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Reasons Why you Need to Understand How e-cig Functions

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An e-cig is an electronic cigar. It is widely used by the smokers or those that are looking forward to stop smoking. It is taken to be one way of staying away from smoking gradually. Being an electronic, it then means that it relies on power for it to function. It is the same size as that of the traditional cigar. The difference between the two lies on the mechanism of working. Both of them aim at producing the smoke or vapor that contains the traces of nicotine which is a stimulant. This article shall look into what makes the two types of cigars different from each other. In the long run, you will be able to understand how different the two are. However, before you can tell the difference between them, it is worth noting that the traditional cigar is made or manufactured out of the simple technology that was available at that time. Only dry tobacco was wrapped on a piece of paper and a filter installed on the part where you are supposed to smoke from. This is so contrary to what is expected with the electronic cigars. The following are a number of components that are associated with the electronic cigars;

  • Lithium battery
  • Heating mechanism
  • Sensor

Lithium battery

This is the battery that is charged and it is able to supply the device with the power that it uses in heating the liquid so as the vapor is produced. You therefore need to make sure that the level of the liquid tobacco is maintained so as to ensure that the device works as per the expectation. Before you start vaping, it is also recommended that you need to check whether the batter is fully charged. If it doesn’t have enough power, it is then important that you charge it so as to ensure that the heating mechanism gets the power to vaporize the liquid tobacco in the reservoir of the e-cig.

Heating mechanism

This is another important component that is charged with the responsibility of heating up the liquid in the reservoir. It relies on the power that is supplied by the rechargeable battery which you need to charge from time to time. The electronic cigar therefore will have to vaporize the electronic liquid so as steam may be produced. It is this steam that is supposed to be inhaled as it contains the nicotine that is a stimulant. Through the power from the battery, you will have the steam as soon as possible.


It is fitted at the mouthpiece and it has the responsibility to sense your intention to vape. It therefore triggers the heating element so as it can vaporize the liquid tobacco for the purposes of producing the steam. This makes the cigar work electronically and be able to work as it is intended to work. The sensor also gets power from the lithium battery for it to function as the whole device is intended to work. This is what makes the e-cig different from the traditional one.