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Proper Sanitation For Orphaned Girls In Andhra Pradesh

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A small Andhra Pradesh-based NGO called the Star Youth Association (the SYA) runs its own shelter for orphaned girl children from destitute backgrounds. The body’s goal is not just to feed and clothe them, but also provide opportunities for higher education as the girls grow older, offer them a semblance of home, and to fashion a clean and hygienic living space for children they take under their wing.

These are positive and even basic ideals, but accomplishing these targets when the organization is perennially operates under fund crunches is not easy. The SYA keeps its wards in decent clothes and serves them four wholesome meals a day, but they have not yet been able to provide sanitation facilities to the growing girls that come up to scratch. Thirty-two orphaned girls currently live at an SYA facility. Eighteen more are all set to begin living with their peers.

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The SYA is keen on publicizing information on personal and menstrual hygiene among the girl children they look after. They will prepare posters on the importance of washing hands before and after meals and using the bathroom; they will communicate facts about safely handling drinking water; and they will appoint a female educator to talk to the girls in the capacity of a teacher about how to protect themselves from reproductive and urinary tract infections. Two bathrooms and a set of seven eco-friendly toilets will be built.

To bring this project to fruition, The Star Youth Association has partnered with crowdfunding bigshot Impact Guru. The SYA will fundraise online on the Impact Guru crowdfunding platform to raise funds with a goal of just over INR 200,000. They have met about a third of their target already, with as many as twenty-five donors pooling funds to raise the sum. The fundraiser is being shared on social media by the friends and fans of the SYA, allowing for better campaign visibility and opening up avenues for new contributions to come in for this project.

To close the year with a show of goodwill and generosity, make a donation to the SYA’s constructive venture. Spread word of their fundraiser on social media and ask your circle of friends to chip in with a gift as well. A little from you and can make a great positive difference in the life of a child you have never met. So go out and do good, celebrating giving and humaneness as you move into a new year.