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Popular Activities to Do in Michigan When You Turn 21

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Turning 21 is a significant milestone in anyone’s life. You are now a truly independent adult, capable of making decisions for yourself. The days of parental consent are long over. For most people, it is a liberating experience. The law provides you with a whole new set of privileges once you turn 21, accompanied by several responsibilities you are expected to fulfill. Here are some examples:


While 18-year-olds may play state lottery games, you have to be 21 to gamble at a casino. This includes one of the many online casinos in Michigan. While you might be eager to visit a land-based casino for an authentic experience, consider an online gambling operator. Michigan recently legalized online casinos, and players are taking advantage of the convenience this option offers. There is no longer a need for a long road trip to reach a physical casino when you can gamble on your smartphone or computer no matter where in the state you are.


Since December 2018, people 21 and over in Michigan can use and possess marijuana. Medical marijuana users younger than 21 need parental consent before they may consume it. Many online businesses have sprung up in the marijuana industry, especially in the sale of CBD products. However, you will not be exempt from criminal prosecution for dealing in marijuana, selling it to others. Buy your marijuana from a licensed distributor.

Adult driver’s license

Your Michigan driver’s license expires on your 21st birthday as you are no longer a juvenile in the DMV’s eyes. Applying for a new one well ahead of time is essential as the renewal requirements change for applicants with expired, lost, or suspended licenses. Renewing a valid license is less expensive and takes less time. As a 21-year-old, you are now entitled to be a responsible adult that accompanies a teen driver.

Alcohol consumption

State laws prohibit anyone under 21 from consuming alcohol. Therefore, mark the occasion of your 21st birthday by having your first legal drink at one of the best places in Michigan that serves alcohol. Underage drinking is a problem in Michigan, with law enforcement deploying a zero-tolerance approach to clamp down on it. However, after turning 21, you no longer need to worry about being caught buying or consuming alcohol. On the other hand, being responsible is essential, as the legal ramifications for drunken behavior, especially driving, can be severe.