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PDF Editing Tips and Tricks For Faster and More Convenient Office Life

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Let it be said that PDF editing isn’t an everyday task that you will be asked to do. So most people won’t even think about it, but when the time comes that you are faced with something as mundane as this, you should never take too much from your time for it. In fact, less than thirty minutes should do it! Here are quick and easy tricks you can do for easier online PDF editing.

1. Convert JPG to PDF

PDF conversion is one of the most common edits that is asked of administrative employees. Whether it’s PDF to Office-based file formats and vice versa, to JPG to PDF, doing the process online with web-based applications like the one in PDF Bear makes the process more streamlined and accessible.

There are many benefits to converting PDF online, one of which is accessibility wherever you are in the world. This will come in handy when you are out of the office, traveling, or on a work vacation. You won’t have to bring your work laptop to keep up with office work. Your trusty smartphone will do – provided you have a working browser and a steady Internet connection.

2. Edit text on the PDF itself

Adding, deleting, and editing text inside a PDF document is probably the most common edit that needs to be done in any shared file. This usually happens when one person makes the PDF and didn’t have the time to collaborate and corroborate details with the rest of the team, whether offline or online. Thankfully, with online PDF editors like PDF Bear, you can simply upload the file and start working on it from your end.


The process is fairly simple – once you upload the file, convert the PDF to a Word document first, with the option of OCR conversion. This way, when you download the resulting Word file, the text elements from the original PDF file are converted to become editable. If not, the conversion that takes place only converts elements in the original file to a JPG pasted on a Word file.

3. Adding and deleting pages of a PD

Another common intervention on a PDF file, adding and deleting pages, seems to be difficult at first but will prove to be effortless once you get the hang of it. While every web tool application from PDF Bear does a specific operation, like splitting, rotating, and encrypting – adding and deleting are both done in one standalone application.

From your browser, go to the PDF Bear site, choose to add and delete pages on PDF, then edit the document the way you want to. A great way to go about both of these operations is to highlight the pages you want to add a page in or delete. Make sure that you highlight the right pages in order to prevent data loss in the process.

4. Image insertion

Inserting Images to a previously formatted PDF file is easier than most people perceive it to be. The process is fairly simple – you just have to make sure that the images you want to add go swimmingly well with the PDF’s aesthetic – that means the images should be in the same color, same concept, and same style that the original PDF was helmed. Once you’ve chosen the right images, insert them in between texts.


To say that online PDF editing is more convenient than the existing options is underrating it. It’s not only more convenient, but it’s also faster, better, and more accessible. There’s no software installation involved, and you don’t need prior editing knowledge to make it work. All you need are common sense, a trusty browser, and a working Internet connection!