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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome And The Move of His Christian Community To Verizon

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It’s amazing to be part of a group bigger than yourself, more entrancing than your own group of friends and more fantastic than your regular circle of crowds. This is something that’s being experienced by the people who are part of the LoveWorld USA community. For those who belong in the community, you should know that it will only be just one month before the LoveWOrld USA TV will be moving to a new place, which is Verizon, and that will be one of the most exciting things that the LoveWorld community can’t wait to see.

The LoveWorld USA TV

If you happen to just be a first-time member of the heartwarming community from LoveWorld USA TV, then you should know that this is a Church-group community that gathers all sermons for kids, millennials and adults about the love of God and Jesus Christ. It is a community replete with inspiring stories of redemption, loss and bravery that are all in the direct relationship with faith, praise and the worship of God. Led by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Pastor Benny Hin, this congregation is an undeniably powerful force for everyone to experience the love of God.

The New Move to Verizon

Just because the new channel is in a different network doesn’t mean that all your favorite shows will be revamped and replaced. Despite the new move, you should know that some of the favorite programs from the LoveWorld channel will still be there, which include the sermon and programs with Kenneth Copeland, Marilyn Hickey, Jentezen Franklin and Karen Wheaton.

If you want to keep in touch with all these programs, you don’t have to worry. There’s now a good solid and impressively structured application you can use in your mobile that features all the tools you need to take note of the program’s time slots. If you’re ravenous to hear all these wonderful sermons and programs and you want to keep up with the right time slots, then do not miss to download the app now. The app is called the KingsChat, and it is right now the main social media platform that lets you stay in the loop with whatever’s happening with the likeminded Christians in your area, or the Christians in Believer’s LoveWorld. You can also use the social media platform for all relevant update on events, and schedule changes on the TV channel, which will by then be in Verizon already.

Keeping The Soul Connected

We are so connected in our smartphones and digital media, but so disconnected in real life. It must be pointed out that the avenue and big, powerful value provided by the LoveWorld USA TV is the opportunity and chance to let your soul be connected with the rest of the world who also believe in what you believe in. Times are tough. We need all the help that we can get, and with the help of the extraordinary, life-changing and remarkably helpful people behind LoveWorld USA TV, then life can get easier.

So why not grab all the help you can get and watch the LoveWorld USA TV on your Verizon now? It will come on March 1, and so make sure you already have spared that day and leave it specially vacant for the special programs that can nourish your soul.

Watch It Online

You should also remember that you don’t really need cable to be able to watch your favorite shows. All you have to do is get a solid, stable internet connection and you can already watch your shows online, in the comfort of your homes, while you’re hanging out with your friends, family or favorite pets.