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Papa John’s Lunch Deals 

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Papa John's Introduces New $12.99 Papa's Meal Deal - Chew Boom

So, even in this hour of crisis, our taste buds still tickles and we want something satiating and sumptuous to calm them down. However, with a total lockdown rule, you definitely can’t dine out and what makes it more irritating is that you cannot even order food online. But, not anymore! Even with social distancing and complete contactless food delivery, Papa John brings you a no contact delivery option. All you need to do is place your order online and make an online payment you can choose “Leave order at my door” option to avail a contactless delivery.

Just select food delivery near me location to make an online order. Whether you are looking for pizza, breadsticks, wings or dessert, Papa John’s has got everything for you. You can order something delicious, affordable and quick without worrying about any contamination and infection. Irrespective of what hours you have chosen, you can place an order whenever you are hungry. The simple steps to follow here is to log on to or open their app. Check out different pizza deals and offers and then place your order accordingly. Choose the nearest location so that you get your delivery fast.

Check out Papa John’s New Specials

You can enjoy some of the best deals and specials for delivery at your local Papa John’s restaurant. You can avail alluring discounts on pizzas, chicken wings, drinks, desserts, breadsticks and more. No matter it is lunch or dinner, the new specials of Papa John’s will definitely delight you. There are a number of combo offers and new options to try. Whether you want to go with the traditional or choose the favorites and assemble your pizza, it is completely your choice 

How to Get Papa John’s Promotional Offer 

In order to get attractive deals and specials from Papa John’s, you should download the app on your iPhone or Android devices. In return you will get text messages and promo code alerts which will help you save a lot of money on your pizza. You can additionally sign up for the Papa Rewards Loyalty program to avail great discounts of free pizza at the time you collect rewards. So, what are you waiting for? Just download the app now and get ready to avail exciting offers and promo codes for your pizza, every time you order one.

Do not be worried about any infection or contamination as the delivery boy will bring your order and ring your bell and then maintain a distance of 6ft. Your food item is well-sealed to ensure that it hasn’t been touched. The no-contact delivery will ensure that your pizza is under the health and safety guidelines and you shall suffer no infection. So, get that additional safety and peace of mind along with tasty food at your doorsteps by choosing contactless delivery of Papa John’s. It is safe and sound and pretty much feasible. You will not suffer from any kind of health hazard and enjoy tasty food too. 

This was the need of the hour because people have really become tensed due to Covid-19 and it is a relief for people sitting at home to get something delicious at the comfort of their home without any hassle and health issue. So, use this luxury and place your order at Papa John’s now!