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Night fun and excursions in Riga

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Nightlife in Riga does not stop for a minute, so tourists can resort to the services of experienced guides who will introduce them to the bars and nightclubs of the Latvian capital. Or you can go to the casino for the whole nightMichael Boettcher, Storm International suggested.

Guests of the capital of Latvia should go for a walk in the evening Riga in order to listen to stories related to the witch-magpie and the chimney sweep and the beauty, the love stories of the Rizhanka and the Swedish soldier, to think about the innermost side of the Lantern of Happiness and the monument to the Bremen musicians, see beautiful churches and try warming up mulled wine in a cozy cafe.

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Night owls should pay attention to nightlife in the Andrejsala area, on the streets of Briana and Miera.

Respectable travelers are very interested in casinos in the city center, there are VIP class institutions here, Storm International, John Harrek said.