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Newest Green Technology to Make the 2020 Pandemic More Bearable (and Eco-Friendly)

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From hoarding toilet paper to becoming instant indoor gardeners, the worldwide pandemic has thrown the world into frenzy. But as grocery aisles turn into an avenue for panic buying, the never-ending series of cyclones, floods, and forest fires in the midst of a lockdown served as a huge wake-up call. We need to adapt to a sustainable lifestyle. And we need to do it now!  

To help you get started in making your “lockdown journal” eco-friendlier, below are some of the newest green technology that gives you form, function, and innovation:

1. Tushy Bidet 

Putting an end on your never-ending hunt for toilet paper is Tushy Bidet, the bidet that aims to save you money while helping you protect the environment. Even better news: this eco-friendly, butt-loving technology just requires DIY installation, which is great since you don’t want to let any (possibly asymptomatic) plumbers into your home. 

Tushy bidet’s smart system allows you to take full control of your toilet time by allowing you to make tweaks on your water’s pressure and temperature level. The bonus: the company sends a part of the bidet’s profits to India, where a community toilet is out for construction. Eco-friendly with a purpose–it’s hard to go wrong with that.

2. Smart Windows

Lockdown or not, it’s unsafe to carelessly lurk around the city streets now that an invisible enemy is against us. And since spending most of our time indoors is the most logical thing we can do (for now), energy conservation is one area that we need to pay close attention to. 

Lucky for us, smart windows have been designed even before the pandemic started. Smart windows are an intelligent addition to any energy-efficient home as it analyzes and adjusts the amount of light your home should get based on factors like the outdoor temperature and the sun’s height. By doing so, these windows allow you to get better temperature control, which can significantly impact your utility consumption. 

3. Solar Speakers

Why get a new set of speakers when you can seamlessly play music on Spotify or Youtube? Solar speakers are not the newest green technology, but they are wise investments if you’re after high-quality entertainment that extends outside your home. One of our personal favorites is the Reveal Bamboo Solar Speaker that runs up to 15 hours. A major plus is its charging port, which is compatible with tablets or smart phones. 

Bask under the sun on your terrace, put some fun into your workspace, or just simply bring your music with you when you need to get fresh air–the Reveal Solar Speaker will surely be up for it. 

4. Energy Star Household Appliances

Energy efficiency will always be king when it comes to going green. From the heavy-duty washing machine to the ultra-handy coffee maker, Energy Star appliances can dramatically reduce your footprint even when you need to rely on your trusty equipment, 24/7. These appliances may cost more, but they eventually pay for themselves by cutting your utility bills. 

Quarantining is definitely not the best gift 2020 has to offer, but by investing in eco-friendly technology that can improve your home, you can add fun and productivity during this season.