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NASDAQ: VRME: Important Information About The Stocks For The Investors

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Introduction about NASDAQ: VRME

VerifyMe, Inc. was formerly known as LaserLock Technologies, Inc. This company was established in 1999 and normally operates in the anti-counterfeiting industry. This company normally offers security solutions for the identification and the authentication of people, products, and packaging in a different range of applications in the security field both in terms of digital and physical transactions. This company was founded in the year 1999. This was being traded in Nasdaq under the ticker name VRME. Some of the important information about NASDAQ: VRME at has been discussed in this article. The company headquarter is located in Rochester, NY.

Important stock information to know about NASDAQ: VRME

This VerifyMecompany was founded by Norman A. Gardner. Some of the top reasons to invest in a technology solutions stock are:

  1. Investing in this type of stock can bring a competitive advantage. The IT sector is now becoming the heart of any type of business.
  2. The way of responding to the changing business needs in this ever-complex world is key to success, and technology plays a great role in this. So, investing in technology stocks can be an option for a profit.
  3. It’s important that for someone to identify and continuously invest to mitigate any risks when performing the regular risk analysis. The security landscape is now changing rapidly, the threat landscape from one quarter to the next can be dramatically different.

VerifyMe, Inc. is having a buy signal from a short-term moving average. Also, the long-term average normally holds the general sell signal. As the long term average lying above the short-term average, this indicates the general sales signal in the stock. 

Reasons to buy VRME stocks

Over the last three years, VerifyMe, Inc. has had its earnings per share (EPS) moving in a favorable direction by 37% every year. This proves that the company has shown improvement over the last few years. This is good news for the shareholders. Most of the shareholders would like to see the strong revenue growth that has combined with the EPS growth. This combination normally suggests a fast-growing business. This company has got 5.32M outstanding shares.

 According to some sources, the company’s insiders have bought more shares as compared to the amount sold. This company normally lies in the lower region of a wide and horizontal trend in the short term, and thus this stock may pose a good buying opportunity. This company has got a satisfactory debt to equity ratio. The company is seen to have the reducing amount of the debts. If you do not know how to buy stocks online, you can check at online stock trading platforms. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.