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Monero XMR Wallet Features and Design

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XMR Monero is an open source cryptocurrency that is free to use. XMR wallet allows you to use monero without any downloadable software or having to compile any software.

Below are some of its top ten outstanding features:

  1. Open source app

Open source software has a lot of advantages since it’s crowd-sourced. Such include security, cost of development and acquisition, freedom for modification, flexibility in terms of functions and accountability. Open source is also viable for long-term software and is often ahead of commercial software in technology standings.

  1. Multiple Language Provision

XMR wallet supports at least 10 different languages. This makes it accessible to more users worldwide.

Another benefit is it allows more developers to access the open source code.

  1. Free platform

XMR is a completely free-to-use wallet. If you want to import previous transactions, there are no hidden charges.

XMR wallet relies on crowdfunding and does not require the client to part with a cent.

  1. No logs or registration required

To use monero, xmr wallet does not require you to submit your details for registration. Subsequently, the wallet keeps no logs of your transactions and therefore eliminating the risk of being hacked.

  1. Development

XMR wallet is actively under development since 2014. An advantage to this is that new technological features can be incorporated to the platform real-time. Having to use an up-to-date platform makes your navigation in the system smoother and faster.

  1. Client-side app

A client-side app is practically faster than a server-side app. Client-side relies on a client’s CPU speed, meaning the throughput is higher with a high-speed CPU; server-side applications rely on one task to be executed before a consequent one loads.

The XMR frontend script, therefore, ensures your access to monero is not delayed and is real­time, thus higher mining profits.

  1. Privacy

Monero uses a virtual address, and thus no transaction will be traced back to you. This is better described as a stealth address.

  1. Scalability

Most cryptocurrencies have had the same blockchain limit, thus slowing down the mining process. Monero is designed to adjust its block size according to the count of transactions. This means that the more users there are on monero, the quicker the platform growth.

  1. Public view key

To allow for transparency, monero allows you to share your public view key for other users to see. As much as it offers the utmost security, regulators in the banking sector have advised to the tracking of transactions. Monero provides for this; complete privacy and accountability.

  1. Supply

Monero has been designed to have a limited supply of currency generated while at the same time factoring in the inflation rate. This ensures the value of the monero does not fluctuate by endless mining recorded with other cryptocurrencies.

Monero aims to provide (as already is) 100% online privacy and ensure no financial transaction can be matched to a specific user. This makes it the most suitable online currency for those who enjoy their financial freedom.