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Maximize Your Space and Create Privacy Instantly with Room Dividers  

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In the past couple of years, room dividers have grown in popularity in the interior design space and also among the architects. Office or home, large or small, dividers are perfect for just any space. And the good thing is that the style of your space doesn’t matter. You will always find the type and design that suit your open plan space. 
What are Room Dividers?
A room divider is a screen or a piece of furniture that separates a space into distinct areas. It does not only make the space more functional but also grants your home or office more flare. 
Types of Room Dividers
In looking at the types, we’ll focus on the nature of room dividers;

  • They can be permanent
  • Built-in sliding partitions
  • Portable
  • Fixed or hanging

Reasons to Buy Room Dividers for Your Open Plan Space
Add Privacy: If you’re in a multipurpose room such as an open plan office or a dorm, dividers are the solution to your privacy needs. Besides, they’re perfect for separating the bedroom from the kitchen area 
Enhance its Aesthetical Appeal: Modern dividers now feature panels, glass or mirrors that add flair to the look of any space. It gives the room a unique look that grabs the attention of every visitor. 
Hide Clutter & Offer Extra Storage Space: There are those unsightly equipment in our office or home that we have to keep but end up making the office look messy. Not to forget that messy desk, the dining room and unorganized toys in the corner that will send the wrong message if we get an unexpected company. It only requires second to hide everything if you have your divider set up. 
Separate the Space: You can now be a little creative with your small dark office. A brightly colored room divider at one corner is what you need. It makes even more sense if you’re in a rented office where you cannot hang much or can’t paint the walls. You can position a screen anywhere, and the work continues. 
Provide Direction: Using people to provide directions in places frequented a lot can be laborious and time-consuming. A divider will keep people moving in the right direction. 
Choosing a Room Divider
When selecting a room divider, some factors to consider include;

  • Size of your space or room – length and height
  • Flexibility
  • Color
  • Sound absorption capabilities
  • The décor of your space

Where are Room Dividers Used?
Room dividers are perfect for just any place including homes, offices, schools, religious facilities, hotels and restaurants, and convention centers. 
Why Buy SPACEPLUS Room Dividers?
At SPACEPLUS, we understand the importance of privacy. That’s why we have dividers made of the highest quality materials we could find. Plus our room dividers are designed to allow for natural lighting and are highly flexible. Contact us at 888-869-1850 for more info about our dividers.