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Manual vs. Electric Breast Pumps

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Breast pumps are notably handy tools when it comes to breastfeeding. They work effectively to store the mother’s milk to be used later in case of separation with the baby. Breast pumps are generally of two main types:

  • Manual breast pump
  • Electric breast pump

Although both kinds of pumps have the same goal i-e to collect milk, they still have a lot of contrasts. They both have different working, use, and results. With the research from, let’s go over some of the departments where manual and electric breast pumps differ help you decide which one to choose.

  • How often to pump

If you plan to use the pump occasionally, then a manual breast pump is more suitable. Mothers who are not expecting long separations from the baby should opt for manual breast pumps. Meanwhile, electric breast pumps are recommended for mothers who need to pump almost daily or more frequently. An electric breast pump is ideal for working women who need to pump daily to meet the baby’s needs.

  • Ease-of-use

Since manual breast pumps use manual force to suck out the milk, it can be very tiresome for the user to operate. The entire pumping process will take much longer while needing more labor. Meanwhile, an electric breast pump works automatically, not requiring you to do any hard work.

They can pump out milk much faster, and in an equal amount of time, an electric breast pump will collect more milk than a manual one. Therefore, an electric manual pump saves a lot of time and energy and is notably useful for working women. One downside, however, to electric breast pumps in that they are louder and create much noise that can be too annoying for some users.

  • Power source

An electric breast pump relies on the power supply or battery charge. This trait is a significant drawback that limits an electric breast pump to be used where there is a power supply. Once the batteries run out, it’ll be practically useless. On the other hand, a manual breast pump uses physical labor to operate, and therefore, it will readily work anywhere you want.

  • Price

Manual breast pumps cost considerably less than electric breast pumps and are available at much economical price. An electric breast pump, on the other hand, costs almost 30% more than a manual breast pump. Therefore, you need to consider your budget when choosing between the two types of breast pumps.

  • Portability

A manual breast pump is more lightweight and easy to carry. It’ll easily fit your backpack and can be used anywhere. However, an electric breast pump is a bit heavier and bulky. Therefore, it lacks in the mobility department.


Both manual and electric breast pumps come with their own set of benefits, and it’s a matter of choice as to what suits you best. Manual breast pumps are better suited for mothers who plan not to pump very often, keep their budget in check, and seek a more portable option. On the other hand, electric breast pumps are best for working women, mother of multiples, or those who pump more often.