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Male Sex Toys

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Its your choice, sex with a partner or masturbate on your own (or even with a partner)! Todays sex toys for men have come a long way and can make masturbating just as exciting, or even more exciting than with a partner!

There is a wide range of sex toys designed just for mento enjoy maximum pleasure. Below are five of the best Male Sex Toys.

  1. Love Dolls

The cheap blow up version has been a favorite for bachelor parties over the years. However, the higher quality silicon version is far more realistic in its look and feel. You can get small versions, with breasts and vaginas, half bodies, and even full bodies with faces, hair and bendable arms and legs. Some love dolls are modeled after celebrities and others copy the various body shapes of women to suit every man’s desire.

  1. Cock Rings

These fit snugly over a penis, sitting just at the base. These toys are best for delaying ejaculation and enhancing the size of the penis. They are also perfect for men with erectile dysfunction, maintaining the blood in the penis, enabling a longer and stronger performance. While cock rings are not necessarily used to cure erectile dysfunction, they are good male sex toys that restore confidence in most men.

In addition, they are a favorite for women. Most women love it when their partner’s member is crowned with this toy. This is because most of these cock rings are featured with a vibrating bullet that stimulates their clitoris with every thrust.

  1. Masturbators

While most men at one time or another have masturbating with their hands, you might be surprised to know there are sex toys that can do a better job. Masturbators are popularly known as strokers, and they come in many different shapes and sizes. Most shapes mimic the vaginal, anal or oral canals which most men fantasize about while masturbating. These toys have a high-quality material designed with textures that are very realistic for a more intimate and masturbatory sensation. Some masturbators can even vibrate to increase pleasure.

  1. Fleshlights

These male sex toys are camouflaged as the usual flashlight. They feature a very realistic vagina-like sleeve that is inside the fleshlight male sex toys. Fleshlight male sex toys are sometimes modeled as famous pornstars such as Jesse Jane to fulfill a man’s desire.

How to use and take care of Male Sex Toys

  • Make sure the toy is clean and properly lubricated before use. Hitting a dry patch is no fun at all so make sure that the inside of your toy is evenly lubricated.
  • Clean thoroughly after every use and store them in a safe and clean area.
  • Water-based lubricant is great for lubricating your sex toy. Some chemical-based lubes can cause some negative chemical reactions to some sex toys materials.

Bottom line

Using a male sex toy is so simple, and while some of the toys are accompanied with a manual, you do not need a degree to know how to use a sex toy. The above male sex toys are completely safe if they are used the right way. If you are thinking of getting one yourself, be prepared for some intense sexual pleasure!