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Maintenance and Cure

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The maritime workers are invariably prone to accidents, injuries or even death. Essentially the working condition at sea are nor-t safe, and the employers do not put that much care in safety measures. Here comes the law to protect the workers called maintenance and cure to safeguard the workers and help them avail the right compensation.

A good Maritime and cure lawyer

A good Maritime and cure lawyer in the United States of America has offices in major cities like Houston, San Francisco, and New York is needed for tacking the situation efficiently. It the usual scenario that the employers take advantage of the ignorance of the workers of the maintenance and cure clauses. The general maritime law provides the care they need when they suffer during their work.

The inherent danger of accidents and injuries always loom above the working environment at sea. The law stipulates adequate compensation not only accidents but also take care of occupational hazards. This includes diseases arising out of occupational hazards and safety.

Cure benefits

The cure benefits help to assist injury victims in getting proper compensation. This includes the medical bills, medicines, physical therapy, etc.

Maintenance Benefits

Those who are met with accidents and injuries, they need support in maintaining their families. These include rent and mortgage payments, in addition to other expenses like groceries and utility payments.

Denial of these benefits are denied

It is very common the workers are denied these benefits partially or fully unless legally questioned the employers take the upper hand. The law is pretty clear about the quantum and time frame, but unless a good maintenance and cure lawyer is taking up the case the in the right earnest, things may go haywire.

A qualified maritime attorney should be contacted urgently as soon as the accident or injury occurs as soon as possible. He will guide you through the entire process of going ahead with the case. He will be able to tell is the extent you are can be compensated. He will defend your case against the injustice the employer is likely to put forward.

Outdated laws

Employers take all outdated laws to deny what you deserve; they make you gullible to their creed. Ultimately the poor employers are unable to meet those large expenses and maintenance at all. But a maritime attorney would dig out all the anomalies to help you to get the maximum compensation.

An injured maritime worker is entitled to seek and receive any medical treatments and tests that are necessary for recovering from his or her injuries. Also, there may be rehabilitation care required that should be covered by cure benefits.

A maritime lawyer is to your rescue

To get the right and adequate compensation towards maintenance and cure after an accident related injury at the earliest, it is imperative that you rope in a good lawyer