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Looking into the Preschool Curriculum in Singapore

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The kids find interactive activities fun because these are engaging in nature. At the same time, these kinds of activities allow the children to develop their physical well-being, social skills, and even behavior. Indeed, making their playtime education can help the children learn some valuable lessons while enjoying it.

At the same time, interactive learning provides the avenue for the children to bond with kids of the same age. This can eventually influence their views about education, making it more enjoyable and engaging for them.

Knowing the value of interactive learning, it is among the key aspects in the preschool curriculum in Singapore. The country understands that children need to stay engaged to be able to learn well. A preschool in Singapore values activities that encourages children to participate in groups, given that it is central to how individual learning is usually constructed. These teach the kids to explore more and make friends with other children.

Here is how a kindergarten in Singapore does it.

Giving Opportunities for Children to Talk

In the preschool curriculum, Singapore childcare centers provide many opportunities for the children to express themselves. Kids may talk about their experiences, express their thoughts, and even explain their actions during their play. The kids should be actively involved during these interactions so they can develop their communication skills. Being able to communicate well can help the children express themselves better, making them less frustrated if they are not feeling good and they need an outlet.

The Role of the Adults in Learning

In Singapore, the adults are expected to be role models for the children for the proper use of the language. They are expected to encourage their children to speak out and express themselves. The adults can do so by affirming and supporting the children every time they try to express themselves. With this, the teachers make sure the children know that they are listening to them. Teachers always make time for their conversations.

Building Group Dynamics

As mentioned, the Singapore preschool curriculum highlights the need for the children to work in pairs and groups. At the same time, there are many opportunities for them to speak with adults and friends. The teachers allow the kids to ask questions and share ideas so they can interact with other students as well. It would also be helpful if the ambience in the environment is encouraging the kids to interact with one another.

Apart from the things mentioned above, the preschools in Singapore also make sure that there are a variety of accessible reading materials for the kids. By doing so, they are being encouraged to read more, which helps their overall learning.

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