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Look At the Potential Differences between Crack and Cocaine

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Many people are often confused with the terms crack and cocaine. In many cases, they consider that both are the same, but they carry certain differences. Cocaine is the powdered form of the drug, while crack is the solid version of cocaine. If you want to know the difference between these two forms of drugs, continue reading!

What Separates Cocaine And Crack?

Crack and cocaine are chemically identical. In addition, they are equally dangerous and carrying the same risk of death, overdose and dependency. Even though they deliver similar effects, each drug has its own history, user demographics and price points. Here is the major difference between cocaine and crack.

  • Expenses

Usually, cracks sell for the less money as it is extremely cheaper to produce. In addition, it does not contain a pure form of cocaine. On the flip side, cocaine is quite costly. 

  • Popularity 

Even though crack is cheaper to produce and purchase, the powdered form is still accessed more often. Millions of people worldwide access cocaine regularly. So, compared to crack, cocaine is more popular. 

  • Effect Time

Whenever speaking about effect time, crack always comes at the top. Yes! Compared to cocaine, crack is faster acting. As soon as the smoke is inhaled, it takes up the immediate effect. If you take cocaine through the nose, it takes about 3-5minutes to feel the effects. Upon injecting into the body, it takes somewhat between 15-30minutes. It means cocaine takes more time to feel the effects.

As said earlier, both drugs carry many risks and thus, if your loved one is addicted to any of these drugs, take them to a rehabilitation center immediately. The professional team and compelling environment help your beloved one withdraw from the drug addiction and lead a happy and trouble-free life.