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Life lessons your little ones need to know before they start school

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As important as school is, it isn’t the only source of education that your kids need. In fact, there are plenty of things that children need to learn before they go to school to help them succeed at school and beyond. Many of these important life lessons can be learned through methods such as watching cartoons for babies, playing games, and listening to parents. 

To help you give your little ones the best possible start, here are some important life lessons your kids need to learn before they start school. 

The importance of sharing 

Your children need to be able to share with others and take turns. This will help them both in the classroom and be more respectful of those around them. 

Having empathy for others

Empathy is essential for building strong relationships with others. You don’t need to go into depth, but you simply need to encourage your child to put themselves into other people’s shoes so they can learn to listen to, understand, and be respectful of those around them. 

How to problem solve 

Problem-solving is an important skill that your children will use every day. You can use games and other methods to help them engage this part of their brain and understand how to approach problems they will encounter. 

Expressing themselves in a healthy way 

Children experience a range of feelings but often don’t know how to express them. Try to teach your children how to articulate what they’re feeling in a way that’s constructive so they can share these emotions with others in a positive way. 

The alphabet 

Every child needs to learn the alphabet to help them with reading. Unfortunately, this means you’ll sing that song a lot. 

Sight words and basic reading

To give them a head start on reading, sight words and flashcards can be very helpful! 

Simple use of a tablet or computer 

Technology is becoming more common in schools, so getting your children familiar will help them to have a smoother transition into school life. 

Basic Counting

An understanding of simple numbers will also help your children to ease into subjects like maths in school. Without realising, we use counting every day! 

How identify simple colours, shapes, and patterns 

Being able to point out different colours, shapes, and patterns will help your children to ask questions about things they don’t understand. Answering “what is that green square over there?” is much easier to answer rather than “what’s that?”. 

How to feed and dress themselves 

Being able to do these two things helps your children to build their sense of independence. It will also make the daily school run a little easier for you! 

How to be respectful and listen

Lastly, your children will need to learn to be respectful of others and be able to listen to them for extended periods of time. This will be a big part of school life, so better to prepare them for this as soon as you can.