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Legal Reasons Why You Need To File For Divorce

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There are so many reasons why a couple would decide to file for divorce. And whatever it is should abide with the legal grounds. That means you cannot simply point out a reason and be granted your freedom from marriage. You will need to provide evidence that your marriage if beyond repair and legal separation is the only solution. So here are the legal reasons when you file for divorce.


One of the questions your divorce lawyer singapore would ask is if your future ex-spouse committed adultery. Simply because this is one of the strongest reasons for you to win the case. But remember that in adultery, the Respondent can be proven to have sexual intercourse with someone of the opposite sex. This does not apply with the same-sex relations. As a Petitioner, you need to prove the Court hat the Respondent has committed adultery and this is the reason that you cannot live with him or her anymore.

Cruel and Abusive Treatment

Another common grounds for divorce is when your spouse is being cruel and abuse, either to you, your children, or both. You need to prove that your spouse purposely did something to hurt or upset you, either physically or emotionally. Physical abuse is where abusive and cruel treatment is involved. While emotional abuse is when you are being hurt and abused emotionally and this caused you physical harm.

Unreasonable Behavior.

A valid reason to file for divorce is when the Respondent is behaving in such a way that cannot be reasonable accepted to live with. Unreasonable behavior examples should be provided while still in the marriage. This can be mild to serious allegations of the said behavior. These allegations are usually not directly about how financial or family matters are being resolved.


When the Respondent has left the Petitioner for a continuous period of time, this can be grounds for divorce. However, it should be a continous period of at least two years for it to be accepted by the Court. This reason is not usually used  nu tje Petitioner because some factors may validate the Respondents’ reason to be away.

Separation With and Without Consent

If you have been separated from your spouse for the last two years, you can file for a divorce provided that the Respondent consents to this. However, if you have been separated for at least five years, you can file for divorcewithout the need for consent. So make sure that you have proof for both for easier divorce proceedings.


Another uncommon yet possible reason for divorce is impotency. This is when your spouse is unable to have sex and has greatly caused the damage of your marriage. This is rarely used as grounds for legal separation but has already won some divorce cases for others.

Do You Really Need A Reason?

Remember that you can always get a divorce if you want to no matter what your situation is. However, you need legal reasons or ‘grounds’ to be able to file for divorce. And for these grounds, you should be able to prove it. For example, one good reason is both of you do not get along with anymore and both parties do not want to stay married. That is why it is important that you hire a divorce lawyer to help you determine the strongest grounds that you can use againsnt your future ex-spouse.