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LED Signage: 5 Signs To Choose From For Your Business

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If you’ve ever been to Nevsky avenue, you know its dazzling appearance is something every visitor swears by! One of the striking features of the bustling road is the usage of light to enhance the aesthetics. LED signage can do the same for your business with additional functionalities.

Just like the shapes and sizes of a business, LED signs in St. Petersburg, FL, come in diverse ranges. All thanks to signs with lights, your customers can spot your business from a mile away. But, with the variety available, it can become challenging to pick one.

Do you want to get rid of confusion?

Here’s how to choose the best one!

Double-Sided LED Signs

Whether you have an inn or a motel at St. Pete beach, you will want your customers to flock around your property. For this purpose, a double-sided LED sign works as a fantastic option for your business. This visually appealing signage offers the highest visibility and draws maximum attention.

The best part is – You can choose to have the same or different messages on both ends.

Lightbox Cabinet

Also known as a backlit sign, these electronically illuminated options carry a translucent screen that emits light.

Even though this signage has a simplistic design with internal lighting, you can customize them to your benefit. This makes it appropriate for both outdoor and indoor purposes. To put it simply, change the internal messaging to match your brand voice.

Note- These kinds of signage work the best for retail shops, bars, and restaurants.

Navigation Board

With LED lights for navigation boards, you can deliver an apt message to your customers whichever way you prefer.

Unlike the traditional board option, business owners are at liberty to transform the information at any moment. So, whether you want to introduce your cafe or release the news of grand nightlife in St Petersburg, it can make you the talk of the town.

Monochrome LED Signs

Simple, Vibrant, and Effective – These monochrome signs offer a variety of ways to increase the appeal of your business. Usually, you’ll find these in vibrant yellow or amber shades. On top of this, you can pick the best size which suits your purpose and positioning space.

Neon Signs

If you want to steal the attention of your consumers in a flash, nothing can do it better than the Neon LED lights. These are the modern-day solutions for offering high visibility to your brand. Unlike the conventional models, these choices are more energy-efficient and come with a protective outer layer.

Are there any benefits to using LED signs?


  • These LED lights draw the quick and easy attention of every passer-by, therefore, you’ll have more chances of attracting consumers.
  • The signs use a fraction of energy than what the conventional lights utilize.
  • Since these options are customizable, you’ll find it convenient to update information without spending extra.
  • Lastly, they are fantastic for enhancing the appeal of your business.


From enhancing brand recognition to ensuring the speediest visibility of your physical establishment, these signs in St. Petersburg, FL, are the game-changers. If used properly, your printed materials will be the promotional feature of your business, and they will attract your target customers and increase your chances of converting a lead by just a click.