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Landscape Design Trends You Can’t Ignore

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Landscaping is one of those things that you just can’t live without whenever you’re trying to make your home look better. Many people think that landscaping is just as simple as planting some flowers, and mowing your yard, but it’s a lot more detailed than that. There are many strategies that have to be in place to make successful landscaping not only an art, but also a science. Not only that, but trends change from year to year, and it all varies on numerous factors of how your home looks that can help your property look its best. In this guide we’ll see some of the top 2019 trends in landscaping.

Hybrid Landscaping

One of the new tricks that you might see is with the organic movement by adding multiple items into one actual landscape design. A lot of people have been coming up with clever ways to mix two or more design aspects and incorporate them the way they need to in order to get the job done and get rid of two birds with one stone.

Auto Lawn Care

Gone are the days of the past where we had to push mow everything ourselves. There are a lot of people using robotic lawn mowers to help keep their smaller yards trimmed as much as possible, and they’re actually pretty cool to light. There are even ways to water your lawn with a fully programmable system, as well as smart technology that can even be controlled from your mobile device or a remote. 

Bringing in Natural Pergolas & Gazebos

People have begun to bring back the common pergola, but they’re making a lot more advancements with it. You can literally create your own pergola or even gazebo, and combine numerous aspects (as we mentioned earlier) that make it as modernized as your home, just outdoors and weatherproof.

Blanket Flowers are a MUST

When it comes to coral and blush colors, they are one of the most popular colors of flowers being used in 2019 to add a slight feminine touch to homes. Many people are selecting this color when it comes to roses, zinnias, hibiscus, and even mum flower beds. These “blanket” style flowers offer maximum empty space coverage while still not overtaking everything around them, so they can keep your flower beds looking fresh and unique.

Bring the Future

More intricate patterns are becoming more popular when it comes to metal-worked accessories and surroundings. The “iron” fence has been making a comeback, just with a more futuristic twist that can make your fenced in yard or patio look even more sophisticated and exquisite.


If there are any of these trends you’d like to follow, you may be the one on the block that can help blow your neighbors away with breathtaking landscaping trends. Hiring a certified and quality landscaper is your best bet, because they already have a hand on what the top design trends are in numerous locations so they can provide the best look for you.