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Kill that formal look with a wide variety of ties

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So, here we are today, discussing one of the most critical aspects of your formal attire, i.e. a tie. No matter what kind of job you are involved with, every man should know about ties and own a couple of spectacular ones. These come handy for special occasions, night outs, interviews, dates, and so on. If you want to look exceptionally classy, then you need a tie. When a tie is worn the right way, it has the power to transform even the most mundane looks. Today, we want to talk about how you can incorporate different ties into your wardrobe and look good in them.

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Let’s start with the four in hand –

It is not only the most popular tie, but it is also the one we are all accustomed to. It is appropriate for almost every formal occasion and is a must for most offices. This kind of tie is available to you in a wide range of colours, widths, material, and pattern, which means the choices and options are endless. The knot is the best way to add some spice to your look and make it look classic. You must first try to excel the art of tying a Windsor knot and then proceed with the rest(which is of course several).

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Are you familiar with the sevenfold?

Four in hand tie and sevenfold are close to each other(one can even say they are cousins). This tie that we are talking about here is made with silk (a square yard of it). What does that mean? It means folded seven times, just like its name suggests. There is no lining in this type, but because it is sevenfold, it is incredibly thick. This makes it easy to master it and tie the knot. All it will take is a little effort from your side. You can wear this tie to any event, especially to your office or formal parties. Because these ties are carved out of silk and have extra material in them, they can be quite expensive. So, it is better to save them for a rare and special occasion.

The skinny one –

Now, there is yet another variation to the first tie we discussed (yes, the four in hand). The Beatles were the ones who introduced the skinny ties back in the 60s, and they are trendy till date. If you want to look sharp, then this is the one you choose. It is perfect for your office as well. Furthermore, pair them with your jeans to enjoy a stylish look.

Bowtie –

Bowtie is a fun, funky, and yet classy way to add some sass to your everyday attire. You can also wear it to your office, and they are (of course) perfect for any informal or casual look. You can pair it with your seersucker suit. Another common variation of the Bowtie is the Western Bowtie. Wondering what it the difference? Well, quite a lot. Do you remember Colonel Sanders? This look is associated with him. Though it is worn during casual occasions, it isn’t uncommon to pair it with your formal wear.

Bolo Ties –

These ties rocked the 70s, and it has been hard to turn away from them ever since. It is often considered as a groovy way of spicing up a man’s attire. However, they are not that popular unless you are going for the cowboy look.

Cravat –

The ascot is a dressier and fancier version of the cravat. It is not knotted but is typically pinned. It is mostly used with formal outfits and military uniforms. As opposed to the standard tie, the cravat is a popular choice amidst many.

These are the options that you have when it comes to ties. It is the deceptive simplicity of a tie that makes it so spectacular. Not only does a tie compliment your look but it also completes it. If you want the easy version of it, then nothing beats the charm and extravaganza of a tie. Your wardrobe needs an upgrade if it lacks this essential piece of the outfit. Look bold, extraordinary, and always ready for any occasion with a tie.