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Keypad Mobile Phones for a New Generation

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Keypad mobile phones have recently started to make a come-back in the market. Smartphones tend to be really big and bulky. Keypad mobile phones, on the other hand, are really small and easy to carry. They do not perform as many functions as a smartphone but are mighty useful. The portability, resilience and long battery life of keypad mobile phones is much sought after.  If you decide to buy a keypad mobile, buy a keypad mobile online. This way you can compare features and get a good deal on your keypad mobile.

There are many brands that manufacture keypad mobiles. They have incorporated some new features keeping in mind the new generation but have tried to keep it simple for the older generation. You cannot multi-task with keypad mobile phones but you rarely face any lags or crashes.

Perhaps, the best part about keypad mobile phones is the affordability. It is not in everyone’s budget to be able to afford a smartphone. The low price keypad mobile are very appealing to the majority of people in India. Or, you may want to look at cheaper options for a spare phone. Keypad mobiles have a wide consumer base.

Students, teachers, army men and workers at tech companies all find use for the basic keypad mobile. It is also preferred by people who are not so good with handling new technology. Some people also end up buying keypad mobile phones for their domestic help to stay connected. Parents can also consider giving young children basic keypad mobiles in case of emergencies.  A lot of smartphone users also purchase a basic mobile if they need to use more than one number at a time. Most of the latest smartphones do not have dual-SIM slots. This pushes them to purchase a keypad mobile.

There was a time when keypad mobiles used the concept of Infrared to share items. Now, almost all keypad mobile phones are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled. There is a music player and a video player in some of the models as well. The older design of flip keypad mobiles is also in demand.

Keypad mobile price|Buy keypad mobile online

As discussed, the low price keypad mobile is a real crowd-pleaser. You can get a keypad mobile for less than Rs 1000/-. The keypad mobile price is what makes it such an attractive product across all age groups and professions.

If you buy keypad mobile online, you can get further discounts and offers. You can also explore other options online and look for a phone that matches all your requirements.

Cheapest keypad mobile in India:

The cheapest keypad mobile phone is the I Kall Red K72.

Features of I Kall Red K72

  • Display Size : 1.4 inches
  • Keypad
  • Internal Memory- 64 MB
  • Lithium Ion Battery, 1000 mAh

When you buy keypad mobile online, you save yourself a lot of time and money. You can easily ask for a refund or replacement if there is a defect in the keypad mobile.