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Joker is Not the Only Thing that can Make You Win a Game of Rummy

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When you are playing the Game of Rummy, a joker card is selected at the beginning of the game and works as a wildcard. Players can use this joker card as a substitute for any other card for completing their sets or sequences. Even though having a joker makes it easy for the players to play this game, some people can even play it without the joker. This is the time when your wits and skills are tested and your rummy tips and tricks become crucial.

In case you have never played rummy without the wildcard, this article would help you understand how you can skillfully win the game even if the odds are not in your favour. Let us take a deep dive into the elements that can help you win a game of Rummy:

How to play Rummy without a Joker Card

Taking a close look at the cards and figuring out how difficult or easy it would be to combine them into relevant sets or sequences is the first step. Even though you did not get the joker card, the cards you have got can be good enough to meld all sequences within a few turns itself.

Arrange your cards properly to easily meld them into desired sets or sequences. However, if the scenario is different and you notice that various cards are missing, then you should drop out at the first turn only. Taking too many turns for melding your desired sequence can get quite risky. Making prior calculations would ensure that you do not get more than 20 points so that your losses are minimal.  In case you want to continue, you need to be very watchful. Not only do you have to use the discarded cards wisely, but you also need to keep an eye on the cards that your opponent is dropping or picking.

If you see that you could not achieve much in two-three turns, then you can minimize your loss by taking a middle drop. A middle drop would only give you 40 points which are not a serious loss.

Mathematical permutations and combinations highly regulate this game. If you compute wisely and make precise decisions, you do not have to worry about not getting the printed joker or the wild card joker at all.

There are two types in which a Joker card can be melded:

  • Printed Joker – There is one printed joker in every deck of cards.
  • Wild card joker – Once all cards are shuffled and distributed, 1 card is randomly picked from the closed deck and placed as the first card of the open deck. This is known to be the wildcard joker. All cards of this number/face value are then used as Jokers in that particular game. If this card happens to be the printed joker, then all Aces are considered as wild card jokers.


If you are a professional rummy player, it would be easy for you to predict the run or sets that your opponent is trying to build. Professional rummy players can even pick their desired cards from the closed deck for completing the game. Therefore, whether you are playing Indian rummy or any other rummy, if you have the required skills and patience, you can easily win the game even if you do not get the joker card.