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Interesting Facts about Borosilicate Glass tubes

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Borosilicate glass tubes have made life easier for researchers and scientists. People around the world use glass tubes for their experiments! When compared to traditional glass tubes, the borosilicate ones are both useful and durable. The round bottom and conical shaped borosilicate glass tubes are extremely famous. They are highly preferred for its attention to detail and thoughtful design. All borosilicate glass tubes are thoroughly tested, proven and designed to help you in your science projects. When compared to other lab glassware, the borosilicate glass test tubes are irreplaceable.

If you are looking for tubes that are both easy to use, durable and reliable, nothing can beat the borosilicate glass tube. These tubes will make a big difference in the work you carry out.

Reasons to buy Borosilicate glass tubes

#1 State of Art Engineering

There are many reasons to invest in the borosilicate glass tubes. First of all, these test tubes are designed to be in high strength. They have a state of art design and the test tubes are engineered to withstand extreme conditions. Whether it is temperature stability or strength you need, borosilicate glass tubes will be helpful. It will protect your chemicals during critical operations like vortexing and centrifugation. Above all, you will be able to store your chemicals for a long time in the freezer.

#2 Ease of Use

A major reason behind the fame of borosilicate glass tubes would be to ease of use. These glass tubes will simplify your work extensively. Some of the glass tubes from have dark blue or black graduations. These graduations will help you measure chemicals easily. All your samples can be measured easily. Some varieties have white writing space. This space is sufficient for labeling your samples and solutions. This way you don’t need to worry about mixing up solutions. When stored in test tube racks, the white labels will make spotting easier.

Indeed, there are reasons why the borosilicate glass tubes are becoming famous. The demand for these tubes is remarkably high in laboratories.

#3 Biocompatible

The talk about borosilicate glass tubes will be incomplete without biocompatibility. Experiments are never restricted to the chemicals under consideration. Reactions can produce side products and many after effects. If you are using bioactive substances, you must be extremely careful. The wrong tubes can interfere with your results, especially during biological experiments. That is why you must stick to borosilicate test tubes when you are ought to use bioactive substances.

#4 Highly reliable

As mentioned previously, borosilicate glass tubes are highly reliable. All the test tubes are carefully designed and tested. They are designed to meet high-quality standards. When it comes to scientific experiments, quality must not be compromised. Compromising on quality will reduce the accuracy of your research outcomes. When you use high-quality borosilicate glass tubes, your research will generate dependable results. In the long run, it will improve the performance of your studies.

Always choose borosilicate glass tubes that are designed to meet ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 9001:2000.