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Indoor Plant Pest Control: Recommended Practices

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Plants are beautiful and a natural way of adding beauty and colour to the interior of your house. Unfortunately, pests love plants as much as you do. Note that your indoor plants can easily get infested with pests. Therefore, it is in your best interest to get in touch with a reliable Walla Walla pest control who can inspect your indoor plants and make sure that your entire home is free from pests. Here are the best practices for indoor plants pest control.

Always keep your indoor plants indoors

Well, it is tempting to keep your plants outside, probably during the warmer summer months. Indeed, many people think that indoor plants need a little bit of sunshine and fresh air to thrive. However, keeping these plants outside even for a short time is a good way of inviting pests. When you take these plants back indoors, there is a good chance that the insects will multiply and keep invading your home.

Isolate the new plants

One of the major ways that indoor plants become infested with insects is by coming into contact with other old infested plants. Whenever you purchase new plants, isolate them for about a week and inspect them for bugs before bringing them near other plants. Once you are absolutely sure that the new plants are clean, you can place them near the others.

Inspect your indoor plants regularly

While watering the plants, take a few minutes to inspect each of the plants. Check the soil, plant pot, and both sides of the plant leave. In case you spot some bugs such as mites, consider isolating the plant immediately. It is also wise to remove them from other plants and start the right treatment immediately. Note that treatment usually means washing the leaves or even spraying the plant using the right products.

Keep your plants healthy

You should know everything that your plants require to stay healthy. Generally, healthy plants can fight off different types of diseases and even survive insect damage. Remember, bugs are often attracted to vulnerable, damaged plants. Therefore, keeping your plants clean and healthy is one of the keep bugs away from your house.

An effective way to keep your plants healthy is by watering them regularly. You can also explore the desired levels of sunshine and the right soil type for specific types of indoor plants. Some plants need plant food to stay vibrant and strong, and others need to be trimmed regularly to keep them healthy and beautiful.


Generally, plants are an integral part of your world. If you have indoor plants, they may bring with them natural elements such as beauty and bugs as well. Though the regular plant bug in your house may not be a big problem, some insects multiply very fast, and they may become a very big problem for you and your loved ones. Therefore, it is recommended to be cautious about these pests and contact an expert to help with indoor plant pest control.