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How To Work For Yourself If You Are A Writer?

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Which one of us didn’t dream of establishing a stable and high income that wouldn’t require wasting too much time on work and spending long hours in the office? Well, today it became possible! First of all, we have to admit that in the 21st century, the old “standard” model of employment is becoming outdated as more and more people prefer to be self-employed or work remotely. There are quite a few reasons for that. First of all, working from home is convenient – you don’t need to waste time and money on transportation to the office, you can get comfortable and work from anywhere you want. Besides, with the growing popularity of a remote form of employment, it is hard to deny the fact that such jobs are generally paid better than regular office jobs, which is a huge plus. Finally, working from home and being self-employed means that you can be your own boss, defining the right schedule and scope of work for yourself.

As you can now see, there are quite many perks of being self-employed. Now, let’s look at some of the most popular online jobs that people can opt for:

  • Web designer
  • SMM manager
  • Developer
  • Marketing specialist
  • Writer

These are some of the most demanded jobs on the market as for today and while the first four options require having prior experience and industry-specific knowledge, being a self-employed writer is a simpler path. That’s why so many people consider this type of profession. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the main opportunities available for writers on the Internet.

Self-Employed Writer: Top Opportunities

Due to the high demand for remote professionals and popularity of jobs with flexible schedules and self employment, the Web today holds plenty of possibilities for income. So, how to work for yourself as a writer? Here are the top ideas to consider:

  • Blog

Running a blog is probably the most flexible opportunity for self-employed writers because it allows you to make all the decisions on your own. Everything starting from the theme of the blog to its layout and ways of monetizing it – it all depends on your preferences and needs. Besides, with the right approach and a bit of marketing, a blog can bring quite a high and stable income. Thus, we believe that blogging is one of the best opportunities out there!

  • Academic Assistance

Another big opportunity that many writers can benefit from is joining a professional custom essay writing service. This opportunity is best suited to individuals who have an academic degree and high proficiency in one or several subjects. The idea behind such a job is simple. Writing services work similarly to freelance platforms – they connect students who are seeking help with experts who can deliver this assistance. There are usually quite many orders to choose from. However, choosing this path, writers should be ready to work under high pressure and tight deadlines. To complicate the matter, the success of a student solely depends on how well the writer performs his order, which means that the level of responsibility is quite high too.

  • E-Books

Another opportunity for self-employed writers is writing an e-book. This opportunity will suit creative individuals the most. Of course, unlike writing articles, blog posts, or academic papers, creating a book is much more time-consuming and difficult. However, it can help generate an excellent passive income because the author will continue receiving dividends for his work for many years. Besides, if a book turns out to be good, this will broaden your horizons even more! Thus, it is a nice option to consider.

  • Freelance

For people who want to go the easiest way, freelance writing jobs would be the best bet! There are tons of platforms that connect professionals with customers, and the best party of it is that every freelancer is free to pick the projects he likes. This minimizes the chances of landing a task that you don’t like or can’t complete. As for the incomes of freelance writers, they can be quite high. However, not right away. Due to the high competition, at first, you will have to earn a good reputation and positive feedback from customers. Thus, be ready to apply for lower-paid projects at first.

Final Words

Even if you have worked in the office for years, it is never too late to make a change! Switching to a more flexible and modern form of work holds many benefits. It makes you free to work at any time and from anywhere in the world, and, most importantly, it provides a stable high income!