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How to start a long term financial plan with the help of mutual funds?

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Planning to save for the future? Then one of the investment options is Mutual Funds. For some people, the mere mention of Mutual Funds rings a warning alarm. But what you need to understand is that if you plan your Mutual Funds investments in a systematic way, then it helps to reap benefits in the future. Here are some tips/features which will come handy when you think of investing in Mutual Funds…

Know your goals

You need to be clear if you have short-term goals or long-term goals in mind as the plan of action for both will be different. If you are planning for short-term investments, then the emphasis usually has to be on liquid funds and short-term debt funds. In case of long-term goals, you may look at options like diversified equity funds, thematic funds, Exchange Traded Fund’s etc.

The three-step approach

  • first set your financial goals.
  • do a thorough research and decide on the Mutual Funds in which you might invest.
  • invest in a few Mutual Funds. Do not try to invest in too many Mutual Funds in one go.

Ideally, try to opt for big portfolios.

equity investment

to invest for long-term potential benefits opt for equity. When you invest in equity, you have to wait with patience and they usually carry high risk. These investments seek capital growth and potential returns in the long run but slowly and steadily.

Focus on entire market cycle

The general trend is to invest in a Mutual Fund and then back out as soon as the market is down. However, your objective should be to focus on the entire market cycle. When the markets are down, you may focus on buying more units. If you exit the market during the slump, you may lose out on the opportunity to grab more units.

Start young and invest more

To get maximum benefits from Mutual Funds in the long run, it is best if you start young. Start investing whatever small amount you have at a young age, so that you may get potential benefits in the long run. Also, try not to stick to small amounts. You must get into the habit of investing more money as and when it is possible. This dual approach will help you achieve your long-term financial goals easily.

  • You may opt for growth than dividend

When you make the investments, you have two options to choose from that is growth and dividend. Dividend involves withdrawal and the compounding effect is reduced. The growth option will give you the compounding benefit.

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