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How to Scrap an Unregistered Car?

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We spend so much time in buying a vehicle and then taking care of it. When it reaches its end of life, you might worry about how difficult scrapping it would be especially if your car is unregistered. Well, you do not need to anymore. Contact WA Car Removals, make a deal, complete some paperwork, trade the car for cash… and you just sold your scrap car!

As far as that paperwork thing is concerned, you just need the standard vehicle forms. It might take a little more work to scrap it if your car is unregistered. Let’s look into what you will need to present to the scrapyards when handing over unregistered car.

First of all, keeping an unregistered scrap car around is asking for trouble because as per the law any car on your property should be registered. Unregistered cars start to deteriorate if left sitting around. They metal body start to rust out and fluids leak, polluting the environment which is bad for the earth.

The solution is either to get your vehicle registered or get rid of it fast by selling it to a reputable auto wrecker or scrapyard before you get fined for hundreds of dollars.

If you have the title for your car, you are all set to Scrap your Car for Cash. Auto salvagers just want to make sure you are selling your own car and the title provides that ownership proof.

Sometimes there are unregistered vehicles lying on your property and you do not know whom they belong to. The best thing to do in this situation is to contact your local police station. They will take care of it by the law book

WA Car Removals will tell you what you are going to need to sell your scrap car for top dollar such as title if registration is not available. Our towing truck will come to your location to tow away your car for free, leaving you with cash in hand.WA Car Removals is a licensed vehicle removing company who is permitted to recycle vehicles. We are responsible for disposing of toxic materials safely.

Contact WA Car Removals if you have incomplete documents for your car and we will give you a solution. Our representative will tell you what you need, and then give you a fair quote for your scraper. Call us at 0422 622 617.