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How To Prepare Your Home Before You Install A New Floor?

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If you are taking up a new flooring project, then you must do good planning instead of getting it done in a hectic manner. With adequate preparations, your new floor installation process will progress very smoothly. The process of flooring may involve plenty of activities and also lots of waste that you need to handle appropriately. Not to mention, choosing from so many lovely floor themes and designs. There are concrete and natural stone floors that go well indoors, as well as outdoor. Then there are tiles, ceramic and wooden. The almighty hardwood is very much around, and with relations like engineered wood – parquet, bamboo, White Vinyl Flooring and walnut flooring, the categories just keeps widening up.

Whether you prefer to install a floor for laminates, vinyl, or hardwood by yourself or through any flooring installers near me, you need to keep your home perfectly organized and tidy. You can find a suitable flooring installer from the website of Flooring Domain.

Before your installation date is nearing, remember your floor installers are professional craftsmen, who need to have the entire area properly prepared before they start installing the new flooring.

So following are a list of things that you must do so that your installation work can be carried out in a very smooth manner.

  • Remove all breakables

During the initial stage, there will be lots of vibrations while removing the old floor and therefore your delicate items must be kept away as they may always break.

  • Disconnect all gas and electronic appliances

Due to lots of disturbances, your electronic and gas installations may be affected and therefore it will be better to disconnect them and keep them in a safer place.

  • Decide who will remove furniture

Often there may be confusion before the work begins about removing the furniture. The installer crews can provide support if it is discussed and agreed upon before the contract.

  • Decide about any changes for maintaining proper floor height

Often your doors need to be adjusted based on the height at which the flooring materials will be installed. This must be kept in mind before starting the work.

  • Remove all items in storage areas and closets

Before all the local flooring installers arrive at the worksite, you must remove most of your items either in a certain storage area or keep them inside a closet.

  • Clean all floors properly

It will be better if you keep the floors free from debris or wastage scattered all around the floors after removing all the heavy furniture.

  • Check the inside temperature suitable for installation

Make sure that the temperature of the worksite is appropriate for the crews of the installation team to work efficiently.

  • Make sure that your pets and children are safe

Pets and children will be very excited when such work is in progress. To keep them safe from any accident or injury, it is better to keep them away from the site.

  • Close off all other rooms

All other rooms where no work will be carried out must be closed so that specks of dust generated will not enter.

  • Decide where all waste materials will be thrown

Lots of wastage and debris will get collected during the work and therefore you must designate a place where they will be collected.

When the work is in progress, there will be lots of disturbances and hence you may decide to relocate for a few days.