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How to deal with High and heavy cargo load

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High and heavy cargo is the type of cargos that have unusual height and weight requirements. The cargos are classified as high and heavy if their length exceeds 18 m and height exceeds 4 m. The high and heavy services include the careful handling and transport of cargo at port deliveries.

Air freight cargos

Every mode of transportation has its own benefits and drawbacks. The most suitable even is said to be air transportation mode. Air freight is mostly used for high value and low volume shipments. But there are even other reasons for using air freight. The other common reasons for using air freight are listed below.

Air freight is one of the fastest shipping methods; when you want to move your goods quickly, then air freight method is the most suitable one. It is one of the best solutions when compared to other methods of shipping such as sea and road transport. With the air freight method, you can move your goods easily and save a lot of time.

The air freight method is a highly reliable mode of transportation. You can rely on this mode of transportation because you know the arrival and departure time of your goods, as the airlines are very much particular of their timing issue you’ll not have to face any difficulty regarding the schedule of transportation of your goods.

Features of air freight cargos

There are many features of air freight cargos such as freight forwarding which makes it suitable and most convenient for each one of us. You can send your cargo almost everywhere as airlines have a large network of destinations everywhere in the world. Therefore you can easily send your shipment to any part of the world without any difficulty.

Then you are shipping your products with air transportation; less packaging is required when compared to the goods which are sent by the medium of ocean or road. This will help you to save your additional time and money for ser ices of additional packaging. When you ship your goods with air freights there is a high level of security, and reduced risk of theft and damage as the airport safety controls are tightly managed when compared to the cargo.