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How To Choose Diamond Wedding Rings For Your Partner

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People nowadays are going beyond their means to get a beautiful ring for their fiancé. The wedding ring is the first gift that a person gives to his partner. The exchange rings on the engagement day as a sign of their love for each other. People prefer diamond wedding rings because it symbolizes their love for each other which is everlasting and a strong bond of friendship. Just like the famous campaign “A diamond is forever”, people want to shout out to the world that their love for each other is forever just like the diamond that they exchange. They do so with the help of a ring.


The tradition of gifting a diamond ring or any other ring on the day of the engagement started in the year 1477 when the Archduke Maximilian of Austria asked Mary of Burgundy to marry him with a beautiful, sparkling ring with a gemstone on it. They know that they are starting a trend that is going to be followed for ages by men and women of all religions, color, and class. The European royalty was so pleased with the gesture that they decided to continue it. People kept modifying and adding different gemstones to their rings based on their economic stability.

Recent use

The Rings used in the engagement ceremony of the groom and the bride are often made out of precious gemstones but diamonds were still not discovered. It was only as recently as the 19th Century that the trend of using a diamond in engagement rings started. The use of Diamonds In engagement rings makes it look beautiful.  People save up their two-month salary so that they are available to get the best engagement ring for their fiancé. Diamonds were first discovered in South Africa and are mostly gathered from these regions by using the native people as the miners.


Since Diamond engagement rings hold a special value it should not be bought in a hurry. People are required to sit down with a calm mind, open their laptop and search for the Diamond, detailed research needs to be conducted in order to be able to buy the best Diamond for your partner. You need to keep in mind the four C’s that are important for buying a diamond. The 4 C’s stands for Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat. The 4 C’s Helps in determining that the diamonds sure in quality and not lab treated. If anyone of the four C’s is missing, it is advised to go for the next option.


Diamonds are found in various price ranges. The amount that you have to pay for a particular range depends on your selection and your budget. Mostly the price of a diamond usually depends upon the 4 c’s. In order to avoid overpayment, it is advised to do the research; after the research has been conducted it is necessary for the buyer to compare individual pieces of diamonds to check which diamond is more lustrous and brilliant. Try not to exceed your budget as the dream is not the only thing that you need to buy for the wedding. The price of a diamond ring usually ranges from $3,500 to $5,000.

How To Choose The Right Engagement Ring For Your Partner


The Diamond engagement ring is a symbol of a gift that is given to the month partner on the engagement day. They are going to start a new life together and it is very important for both of them to show that they are able to take care of each other. The diamond ring is not seen as a luxury ring but as a symbol of power, romance, enthusiasm, and eternal friendship. It stands as a reminder that they will be standing like pillars in each other’s life whenever one person faces obstacles in life; it reminds them of the vows they had taken in front of the holy one before they tied the knot.


The circle or round cut stands for eternity, revival, and ideal. Emily Blunt has been spotted wearing the round cut engagement ring. Hilary Duff’s princess cut engagement ring has been really popular in recent times. It is a square with four beveled sides pointing at each other.

The cushion cut is the cut Of Kim Kadarshian’s engagement ring. She has made the card very popular among her followers and admirers. This cut has curved corners and adds brilliant elements in the ring. It is perfect for people who love to have a soft look and yet retain The Sparkle.

According to Landau, “the appearance an Emerald cut is elegance and refinement. The elongated step-cut and shape faceting is excellent for someone on the more modest side.” It usually stands as a symbol of sophistication and beauty. Beyoncé is often seen proudly showing off her emerald cut engagement ring.


The blue color diamond which gets its color because of the presence of Boron during the formation process is a rare diamond. It is the color of the ocean and stands for peace devotion and spirituality.

The color green which is natural color is also found in the diamond. The color of these diamonds is usually olive green or yellowish-green. The Diamond gets its green color due to being exposed to radioactivity. It represents youth abundance and prosperity.

The color black is a very rare color and is not found easily. Whereas the color white is the most available color and is found to be adorned by many.


There was a time when people got Gaga over a diamond ring. When a person was gifted a diamond ring people would walk towards that person in order to check out the ring and admire it. But it has been seen that recently there has been a decline in the diamond industry. This is because of the growth of Technologies and social media. People are very much aware of the values that diamonds violate and therefore are going for lab-grown diamonds. Although there had been a decline in the industry, it can still be considered as the most popular gemstone that one buys for the engagement day.