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How Can Children Learn At Home?

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Early Learning At Home

During this time, most families are at home, trying their best to assist in their child’s learning. At the age of early childhood, parents try their best to be more hand-on in their child’s education. Extra hours could include homework help, additional practice, and any other individual assignments. A great way to ensure that children are continually learning is by reading. Therefore, one of the most effective ways to provide early learning is to read a book!

Finding The Right Children’s Book

Children’s books that contain the fundamentals of early childhood will aid in the developmental growth of a child. So what exactly does this book may need? Reading books that provide social, emotional, behavioral factors, will help children understand and apply these situations to their own experiences. As parents, I’m sure we remember our favorite childhood books that helped us in our own lives. Not only should a book contain these factors, but a book should be appealing and amusing as well.

Why This Children’s Book Should Be On Your Child’s Bookshelf

In the age of childhood, children should be learning about the fundamentals of early learning. As parents, we do our best to ensure that our child is learning the requirements they need for their age. However, statistics show that some children are having difficulties reading at/above their level.

In our efforts to overcome children’s illiteracy and enforce early learning, we created the children’s book, Little Lady Lilly. When writing this children’s book, the author collaborated with an elementary school teacher to introduce the fundamentals of early childhood as well as emotional and psychological recognition. The story follows a five-year-old girl named Little Lady Lilly and her family’s attempt to understand the characteristics of a not-so-nice classmate. This humorous and heartwarming short story is suitable for the academics of preschool and kindergarten. It is also an excellent read for toddlers and newborns. The book is available in hard copies and ebook format. The author is giving away a one free personalized copy of her book, Little Lady Lilly, to those who enter the giveaway. Visit the author’s website to learn more about the giveaway and support this children’s book.