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Home Water Supply and Plumbing Disasters You Don’t Want to Encounter

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The plumbing system of your house is certainly not something you will pay attention to. It’s one of those boring things about every property that we don’t bother ourselves with. We just leave it to plumbing professionals who know best how to deal with this stuff.

In fact, we seldom call or see these guys because we don’t often encounter plumbing issues at home, or it could also be that most of the time, we mistake them for carpenters. The last one might sound kind of funny but we cannot blame you. Plumbers are not as popular as electricians, carpenters, or interior designers, right?

But we hope that after reading this article, you will appreciate these pros more because their service is certainly important in our household. Without their repair and maintenance work, you might encounter these plumbing disasters that will really scare you off.

Snake on the toilet

We all hate the sound of this, right? But do you know that this event can also happen inside your bathroom if you don’t get your plumbing pipes maintained regularly?

This is not a myth. This can really happen! If one of your water pipes have a hole big enough for a snake to enter, then you’re up for a not-so-exciting disaster. Snakes don’t bother entering slippery and wet small spaces only to find something worthy of their attention.

Pipe sticking out of the wall

We have to admit, there are plumbers who claim to be professionals but are really inexperienced and unsure of what they’re doing.

(Photo from DIY Doctor)

You can actually be a victim of these pseudo-plumbers if you’re not careful enough in checking out  these factors affecting prices of plumbing work in Singapore. One of the worst things they can do is to perform a plumbing repair work in your house but actually leave a pipe or two sticking out of the wall.

When this happens, they you will need to ask a truly capable plumber to redo the whole thing. Pipes sticking out will damage your walls and might even cause electrical accidents inside your house

Leaks on outdoor land surface

This usually happens when one of the pipes underneath gets damaged. This will result to water leaks that will eventually appear on the surface of your outdoor land area. In worst cases, it may result to outdoor flooding that is detrimental to your garden.

Possible causes of pipe damage would be repeated changes in water pressure that may result to pipe deterioration, installation of low-quality pipes, or wrong installation of plumbing pipes. As a preventive measure, we advise you to let pros install leak detection devices in your plumbing system.

Dirty water from the faucet

This is something you wouldn’t want to happen to your household because it directly affects the health of your family.

But for those who just bought a house from a previous owner, there’s a possibility that you will encounter this water supply disaster. Old and rusty pipes are the main culprit of dirty water coming out of the faucet. Another cause could be holes in the pipes that allow soil and dirt come in and mix with your water supply.

The wisest thing to do is to get the plumbing system of the property inspected before you buy it. These pros will let you know if the pipes can still be repaired.