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Good Reasons for Using Ethereum

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You may have come across the huge game making prospect on the Ethereum platform. Chances are higher that you would be wondering what all it would take. However, games have been incredibly the most complex programs, if not to mention highly interesting than several programs having same kind of complexity.

However, prior to you jumping further on making another game on Ethereum, you would come across a wide number of challenges. Let us delve on some of the challenges before you actually start.

Players paying to running your game

In case, you have no reason to use Ethereum in the initial place, it would be in your best interest to stay off it. An application would not automatically become better by becoming a dapp. You would be able to distribute it over swarm provided you do not wish to host it. Nonetheless, there have been several reasons for using Ethereum and certainly good ones.

You would require smart contracts

When you enable the players to hook in Turing-Complete code in a relatively safe and secure manner, you should rest assured it would be very powerful. You would enable all kinds of crazy stuff when you come to know that they are not going to jailbreak and own the computer of the host.

You would not like the servers to go down

The saddest thing would be in event of the server for an online game shutting down forever, several aspects such as how it played and who enjoyed the game the most, what it was or not would be gone forever. However, that would not be the case with Ethereum Games, as the smart contracts running the game would continue functioning, regardless whether the original owners like it or not. The game has been hosted by blockchain technology. Therefore, as long as there have been players, they would be able to play the game on bitcoin casino.