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Good accessories to get to hack your productivity

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In a world of endless mailing lists, news alerts, and lots of online works, it can be harder than ever to concentrate on work. Often, we need friendly suggestion, or some accessories which can help us to ease the work pressure while hacking our productivity. Without further delay, we bring you the best accessories to get to hack your productivity.

James Bond Pen

A James Bond gadget, the spy pen comes incredibly armed with understated enough details so you never have to chew that chewing gum. Main benefit, it’s a pen that helps you focus in your productivity.

Mini table yo-yo

The health benefits of standing rather than sitting are many, but instead of appearing at a large table, why not have something even better? This kinds of pop-up table has 15 adjustable heights, and works on any solid surface. Main benefit: Improve your posture. If you are a professional gamer then it is ideal for you. All you need is a great gaming mouse for gamers.


This tiny biofeedback device can detect stress levels in your body and provide guidance on how to relax. No, you won’t sweat anymore – you’ll be too relaxed for that. Key benefit: Measure stress levels to keep you in line.

Computer with multiple monitors

Do you know what is better than a monitor? Three monitors. This amazingly affordable multi-window monitor helps you manage projects like never before. Key benefit: Extra monitors to help you manage work. You can even use gaming mouse to do your regular work.

Wireless translation Phones

Featuring real-time voice translation in 37 different languages ​​and capable of reading your emails and texts, these high definition cordless phones do everything, but do the dishes. It offers live voice translation.


Finally, the Apple Smart watch that you stopped using about a year ago is useful again. Download the Workflow app and you’ll have direct access to your favorite apps and calendars right on the clock face. Also available on iPhone. Key benefit: It’s a to-do list.

Recognize button

The recognize button can detect all drawbacks: acts as a “do not disturb” signal to coworkers and discourages multitasking in the midst of scheduled meetings. Key benefit: Handles distractions.

Compact keyboard and mouse

How professional is your desktop? It’s not professional enough, and that’s why we think it’s the right time to invest in a properly sized metal keyboard that makes writing on the iPad as easy as on a MacBook. With it you can use wireless accessories such as Razer gaming mouse to speed up your productivity.

Hydration Monitor

In addition to measuring heart rate, and training activity, this watch also gives you details about your hydration, alerting you to the exact amount of fluid you need (and what kind of performance improvements you can expect). Key benefit: Real-time hydration assessment of your body.