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Getting More Details Concerning the Spousal Maintenance

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During the divorce proceedings, the court may decide to pay alimony to the spouse. It is the amount of money that the higher-income spouse must pay to the lower-income spouse. However, it is usually only awarded if one of the spouses does not have sufficient funds to support himself.

They depended on each spouse’s needs, individual income, and ability to earn a living.

After determining the appropriate amount, the court may determine that it will be paid in a lump sum or paid periodically over a specified period. After a divorce, a low-income spouse theoretically has the right to receive alimony for another three years. However, this will only be ordered if the lump sum is not enough to keep the lowest-income spouse not enough to meet your needs. However, these court orders do not come naturally and rarely exceed three years.

Spousal support, especially in the family, is often used synonymously with child support or child support. It refers to financial assistance paid by a wife or husband based on income during and after separation and divorce. Alimony can be monetary or property, transferred to the spouse. The main purpose of child support is to enable a divorced person to live with an adequate living standard. Help reduce stress and tension in the mind of the recipient. But alimony is not paid in all divorce cases, depending on the court judges’ discretion and decision. So you only get it when you deserve it.

The awarding of child support depends on several factors. It is usually measured and determined based on certain important factors, such as the spouse’s contribution to the marriage, the marriage’s age and health, the standard of living, and the spouses’ assets. Other. Matters such as spouses’ in-kind contributions for marriage and child-rearing play an essential role in determining the amount of child support. Based on these factors, family court Singapore maintenance judges decide whether the spouse is paying child support and whether he hums a lot. Mutual agreement by former spouses can even set the number and length of spouses.

Well, family law says it can be a regular payment or a one-time payment. However, spousal support can be of two types. Permanent alimony is assigned for life. It is usually provided in cases where the marriage has been extended, or the spouse has some disability that prevents him from working and earning money. On the other hand, temporary service only lasts for a certain period. It allows the host spouse to maintain an adequate living standard and receive financial assistance until the spouse can recover financially.

Spousal benefits stop after the death or remarriage of the recipient. But there are times when a new marriage does not stop the payment of alimony. It happens in cases where the marriage was long and the spouse had some disability. To apply for or end child support, you need to consult family court.


A person should seek the help of an experienced family lawyer. They have a good understanding of family law. They can effectively deal with family-related issues such as divorce, child custody, parenting order, restraining orders, parenting orders, consent orders, defector relationship issues, etc.