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Getting a Decorative Rug? – Pointers to Keep in Mind

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If you want to invest in a high-end decorative rug, then you have an exciting journey ahead of you. Rugs are a universe of designs, motifs and painstaking production techniques – some that have been unchanged for centuries. Here are some things to keep in mind if you have decided to buy a classy carpet or rug.

Size Matters

When picking up a rug, do not opt for something that is too small. In all probability the rug will pivot your furniture area – it will be where your conversations and interactions happen. Ideally, your new rug should be large enough so the front part of your furniture elements (Sofas – chairs) rest on it. If you are getting a rug for your bedroom, it should overlap with your bed too. Imagine your feet landing on a nice, soft texture every time you step out of bed – that is the size that you should choose.

Focus on the Rug

If you are setting up a new room or décor theme, then it is wise that you choose the rug first instead of last. You can get some of the highest quality locally weaved and imported rugs on sites like Samad and choose from a wide range of designs and hues. Be finalizing your rug, you can build an impressive design theme that is connected to the main centerpiece that adorns the floor of your room. Rugs are a favored choice for those who want to add texture to their homes – after choosing your rug you can also pick up pillows, complimenting cushions and upholstery.

Choosing Your Patterns

A pattern will add more personality to your room. It can describe your fascination with an oriental culture and tell a story of places that you have visited. The right pattern can also set the tone for the rest of your room décor.

When looking for plain solid tones, remember that the texture can be the difference between a dull or vibrant finish. Animal prints are becoming popular again – avoid the clichés like leopards and tiger prints and go for more subtle patterns like a fawn. Just remember, the pattern needs to match the rest of the room elements.

Geometric patterns are timeless and add a charming allure to your carpet flooring. They work best for stairs too and give your home a certain defined shape. Smaller geometric patterns on your decorative rug can also create interesting optical illusions – these designs are used to great effect by photographers and interior designers and have also been a part of palatial designs for many generations.

Many rug buyers are also conscious about the carbon footprint involved in the production of their brand new rug. Plant fiber rugs are a green solution that maintains the aesthetics – jute is experiencing a revival.

There are other ways you can place your decorative rug apart from the central flooring area. You can even hang them on vertically as wall decor. Just make sure that you do not damage the fabric while setting the rug on your wall. Rugs can be used to balance a minimalist home décor theme too. In fact, the possibilities are endless.