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Get maximum performance of your vehicle with right tyres

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Do you know the importance of choosing the right set of tyres for your vehicle? In fact, choose the right type of tyres helps to improve the overall performance of your vehicle. Good tyres not only increase the speed of the vehicle but also ensure safety and improve fuel efficiency. But tyres can breakdown or wear out fast due to frequent driving and bad weather conditions. As a vital part, it is important to choose the best tyres to maintain your vehicle in good condition.

Reasons for tyre replacement

Even if all of us prefer to keep the same set of tyres for our vehicles forever, they need to be replaced gradually. Tyres of your vehicles break down after some time due to frequent drive on and poor road conditions. Some other factors also affect them, like the terrain that you drive regularly and the weather conditions. Tyres of your vehicles will also wear out faster if you follow the wrong driving style.

Choose tyres that get you safety and maximum performance

Different types of tyres are available in the market, and you must choose tyres based on your vehicle types. Ensure to buy tyres that are suitable for your vehicle. For example,  If your vehicle is an SUV, then opt for SUV tyres. If your vehicle is a small family hatchback type, then sports tyres made for ultra-high performance are not suitable for it.

The tyres of cars are made mainly for on-road performance with good braking, handling, and grip whereas SUV and 4×4 tyres are designed to take the extra weight of the vehicle. Of course, these tyres have also come with great handling, braking, and grip features and on-road performance. But these tyres are also perfect for off-road adventures.

Things to consider for buying tyres

The right set of tyres can improve the performance of a vehicle. So, choosing the tyres of the vehicle needs a little homework. Some of the tips that are helpful while buying tyres for your vehicle are:

  • Size of the tyres

Size is important while buying tyres. So, learn how to read the size of tyres which is usually mentioned in their sidewalls.

  • Rim size
  • Tread width
  • Sidewall Height
  • Tube type or tubeless tyres

Even if both tyres are available, tubeless tyres are more advanced and safe to drive.

  • Tread Pattern

This feature affects the overall performance of the tyre.  The three types of thread patterns are:

  • Conventional Tread
  • Uni-directional Tread
  • Asymmetric Tread
  • Rubber Compound

The rubber used in the tyre decides the traction and treadwear nature of it.

  • Consider the Tyre Quality
  • Popularity of its manufacturing company
  • Warranty of the tyres
  • Date of manufacture of tyres

Tyres are a very important component of the safety and performance of your vehicle. In fact, these are crucial parts of the vehicle just like its engine. It is the only part that touches the ground constantly and can improve or degrade the overall performance of the vehicle. If you need to replace them, ensure to buy high-quality and reliable tyres that safeguard you and the passengers inside.

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