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Funny training with your barker

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A pet dog resides in its castle for long hours and guards your house. Have you ever thought of ideas to keep your dogs healthy and improving their resistance powers? Rich foods of vitamins and proteins alone cannot help your dog to have a healthier life but apart from this, you must teach them some physical exercises that make them active throughout the day.  Every morning, have jogging with your dog for long distances. When the fresh air soothes the skin of your dogs and you feel the soft touch of your dogs over your short skirts. This is an amazing feel where you feel a soft touch with your pretty dogs.

Roll over the mud

If you want to enjoy the cute activities of your dog rolling over the mud like your child you must train them initially. How can you make your dogs roll over successfully? The answer is within you and the way you train your dogs.  The first and foremost thing you should keep in your mind is that you must be sure that your dogs hear your scold and they pay keen attention towards you. Only brilliant and enthusiastic dogs have quick grasping power and the ability to imitate like you.

To see the replica of what you do, your dogs must be well trained. Some steps are suggested to achieve the idea “How to teach a dog roll over”?

Steps to be followed

Before starting your training practice, ask your dog to lay by its side and observe you carefully. Ask it to sit, stand, and to take deep breaths to attain the elasticity of muscles and loosening the tight legs. By doing so, the dog feels like light weighted animals and begin to enjoy the training practice. What you must not do while teaching the dog? You must not treat them badly by beating them with your long sticks if they are unable to follow you.  You must treat your cute puppies like your kids and even your kids feel happy playing with them. The initial stages of training start with practicing on the different postures of the dog. They may fall down suddenly and hit you. But you must guide them properly without showing your rude nature towards them.

Spread a set of spongy mats near them and make them roll over and jump. By doing this continuously your dog learns how to roll over. Moreover, if they feel any sort of irritation on their backbones, they can rub themselves using this technique. With the process of sequential rolls and jumps, you will get an answer to the question “How to teach a dog roll over”?