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French bulldog: everything you need to know about the breed

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With its large bat ears, a French bulldog is one of the most popular small dog breeds in the world. The head is large and square, with deep wrinkles on the extremely short snout. Under a shiny, smooth coat, the body is compact and muscular.

Smart and affectionate, they are short on words. They easily adapt to live with single, married humans and entire families and do not require much exercise outdoors. They get along well with their kind mates and love making new human friends. It is for these and other reasons that residents of urban areas in several cities around the world choose one French bulldog as a company.

Nutrition – A premium feed suitable for the age group and weight of the Frenchie dog has all the ingredients the breed needs. French bulldog easily put on weight. It damages the physical structure and increase the risk of contracting some diseases. Avoid mainly cooked bones and fatty food. It is also worth moderating when offering snacks.

Care – Healthy bulldog doesn’t shed much hair. A weekly brushing removes those that have fallen and leaves the dog looking as good as possible.

Exercises – Short walks or outdoor play with the owner provide all the exercise the French bulldog needs to stay in shape. In addition, they love to participate in canine sports such as obedience, agility and rally. However, due to the short snout, they are prone to have breathing difficulties. Thus, they should never be over-demanded on hot or humid days.

Training – Early socialization and classes with professional coaches are recommended. In addition to improving the animal’s behavior, it helps tutors to recognize and correct bad habits. These dogs have a strong personality and may need extra training to be civilized companions.

They are not good at swimming –

Because of their heavy frontal structure, French bulldogs are poor swimmers and should never be left alone near wells, pools or any other water reservoir. Like all “flat-faced” breeds, they are prone to develop respiratory problems and can be sick on hot or humid days. They are also especially sensitive to anesthesia and can develop eye problems such as cataracts and red eyes. On the skin, they are subject to suffer from allergies and autoimmune diseases.

As a smart dog, the Frenchie is easy to train and accepts training with some ease. This must be started as soon as possible. Last but not least, French bulldogs are a loyal companion to human beings.