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Four easy ways you can take care of your dry and flaky skin

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Dry skin is a major problem for millions of people on the earth. Dry and flaky skin can be the main reason for your anxiety. It is not unusual as it makes us uncomfortable in public. But while there is no permanent and instant solution for the dry skin, there are numerous ways you can take some steps to make the skin better. It will keep the skin balanced. Let’s see how you can do it as well.

Stick to hydration religiously

First things first. Hydrate your body from the inside by drinking lots of water. Water hydrates the body and washes away toxic. If you do not like water plain, then mix fruits and herbs with water as per your taste. Moisturise the skin with your preferred moisturiser.

But do not ever have a too hot shower. It strips away moisture from the skin and makes it dry. Try to have a shower with lukewarm water. Use good quality low PH facewash to keep the moisture in the skin. Keep you exfoliation routine in control. Never go overboard with your exfoliators. Over exfoliation leaves the skin dry and irritated.

Take hydrating supplements

If you think that your skin is too dry to deal, then think about taking hydrating supplements. Omega 3 fatty acid is the main ingredient for a hydrating supplement. Overeating fish is not possible as it can lead to heavy metal contamination. You will get anti-oxidants from it which will work as a bonus for making your skin younger. Omega 3 is known as one of the best vitamins to help dry skin.

Your irritated skin will feel much calmed down after taking it. But consider the doctor’s opinion first about how much you need to take. An overdose of the supplement can cause a severe health problem. You can also take vitamin E as it is another best vitamins to help dry skin.

Lifestyle change

Sometimes we harm ourselves even without knowing. We hurt our skin every day following an unhealthy lifestyle. First, find out where the problem is. Maybe you are on a fat-free diet. When you entirely lack fat, your skin cannot hold up the hydration. Without any fat, your internal organs may hydrate, but it will become dehydrated again. This is because our skin barrier consists of lipids, phospholipids, cholesterol, and free fatty acids. Without all these hydration can escape from the skin barrier.

Drinking alcohol once a week does not seem to do any harm. But it takes a toll on your skin. You may never notice, but the skin gets the driest after consuming alcohol. Coffee is also our guilty pleasure. Many people can bear with dry skin but cannot quit coffee. If you are struggling with dry skin, then try to quit coffee.

Foods for hydrating the skin

We are what we eat. An old saying but it is the best one amongst all. Nothing can take the place of food regarding evaluating your skin condition. Eat foods that have vitamins stacked in them. Broccoli, citrus fruits, nuts, and eggs keep the skin hydrated. Drinking Coconut water in the place of regular water will give you the best possible hydration.

If you do not like to drink too much water, then eat fruits with waters like watermelon, cucumber, and apple. Try to add lesser salt in your diet. Salt and sugar cause dehydration by carrying water from the kidney. So say no to salt and sugar as much as you can.


Dry skin requires regular care and love. Give the needed attention to your skin. Just a little bit lifestyle change and care are all you need. Being self-conscious is nothing to be ashamed of. As our skin is the largest organ of our body, we should give some of our effort to keep our skin well hydrated and healthy