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Found a Baby Scorpion in the House? Here is what you should do

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If you happen to come across a baby scorpion in the house, it could mean that its mother is somewhere near the vicinity – either inside your home or outside, but around your property. Scorpions take care of their young ones, so it’s highly unlikely that the little one is wandering on its own. Again, spotting a baby scorpion could indicate a large infestation. Just so you know, a majority of scorpion species are nocturnal – meaning, they only come out at night to find food and water. During the day, they try and hide (away from human activity) in places like the ceiling or attic and so on.

If you live in Arizona or the neighboring areas, then you shouldn’t be surprised to see a scorpion in your home. A majority of scorpion species thrive in scorching, dry and shady areas, and Arizona offers plenty of all these. Again, some scorpion species like bark scorpions love to hide under rocks, so, if you have heavy municipal work or construction going on in the neighborhood; expect to share your home with these eight-legged creatures. The same applies to when you just moved into a recently built home. While this is a new premise, it may be a perfect place for scorpions that have been living in the footprint even before your house was constructed.

How to go about it

Once you spot a baby scorpion in your home, you need to take action immediately. You cannot wait patiently for others to show up to confirm that you have an infestation. The best approach is to look for them. But if you are terrified of these eight-legged creatures, or are unsure of how to go about the process, then we recommend calling a professional in to do so. If you choose to work with an expert, you should ensure you are working with one who has extensive experience over these kinds of pets. Trusted scorpion exterminators from for instance, have been helping Arizona residents get rid of scorpions from their properties for years, and can be your best shot dealing with this problem.

However, if you choose to do it yourself – assuming you aren’t so scared of the scorpions – then the best approach would be to wait until it’s dark (remember, scorpions are nocturnal) before you can embark on your hunting endeavors. You’ll need to wear boots and gloves to protect yourself. You’ll also need an Ultra Violet flashlight to illuminate the areas you search. When UV rays from a black light illuminate scorpions, they glow unnatural neon blue – which makes them visible.

Finding a baby scorpion in your home is a big giveaway for an infestation – but it could also mean the opposite. It could be that the baby scorpion strayed. But even so, a thorough inspection will help you be clear any worries. The fact that your house was attractive to a baby scorpion should raise an eyebrow because it could mean that other scorpions will think the same.