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Fish pike – how you catch the biggest pike

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Big Pike over meter in Ireland - HD by Catfish World - YouTube

The pike often offers good fishing and has thus become a classic species for dedicated anglers around the country. But what do you really do to catch the biggest specimens? Here is a guide where we compiled the best tips for successful fishing.

The best seasons for pike

Early spring, before the pike has played, they weigh the most and now there is definitely a chance to catch really big specimens. However, fishing can often be capricious, one day the lake feels dead and the next day they may be on the hook. The hottest tip is to look for the pike near the play bays where it borders deeper water. 

There, the pike usually gather before and after the game and if you are lucky, they are big on the chop. The larger pike females often eat up some younger pike males after spawning and it can often pay to run with pike-colored baits for that very reason.

During the summer, the pike think it is too hot in shallow water and you should therefore look for the larger pike pelagically out in deeper water. Then trolling with deep baits or a deep paravan can be an extremely effective alternative.

In the autumn, the pike seeks shallower water again and you can search for them along reeds, shallows and areas with vegetation. The strongest tip for autumn fishing is to find the bait fish that often gather in special places. 

The pike will follow their food and if you find the bait fish, it is worth spending time there, the pike is never very far away.

Baits for big pike

In recent years, large rubber baits, jigs and jerkbaits have become incredibly popular. These are baits that require a little more of the fisherman as you have to give the baits life yourself with your rod. If you want to become really good, a little training is required, but the reward is all the greater when it works. 

But, if you do not have as many fishing days per year, we recommend you start with classic baits like Bomber 16A, Zalt or why not an honest Atom spoon pull. The most important thing is to find a bait that you fish well with in the right color for the day.  

Five more roasting tips for you who want to catch more and bigger pike:

  • Adjust the intake rate of the bait to the temperature of the water. If it is cold in the water, you should take the bait home more slowly and vice versa if it is hot. A cold-stiff pike will simply not want to take a bait that is taken home too quickly.
  • Every roll counts! It is important to concentrate as much as possible at all times. If you are fishing for slugs, it is easy to miss a counterattack and then the dream fish can be gone.
  • Remember to make a lot of crank stops. Often the chop comes just when you speed up the bait again, but it often seems that the crank stop is the trigger for the pike.
  • Fishing in the wind where the wind is blowing. If the wind has been blowing in a certain direction for a couple of days, the pike will gather there.
  • Remember the big pike. Feel free to write down when you have caught a larger fish. Often that place can produce more large pike. Some places are just hotter than others without us humans always understanding why, it can be about underwater currents, oxygen content, etc. But one thing is for sure, places where you have previously had a large fish are worth trying again.

Finally, we can not stress enough how important it is to have good equipment. Buy baits with sharp hooks, a line that holds for really big fish and a rod that both makes you cast far and which then also relieves the pressure from a big pike. If you need to refill before the next fishing trip, buy fishing gear from Tradera!