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Finding a Quality Electrician Adelaide

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If you’re in Adelaide, you may find yourself in a bind and needing an electrician. Electricity is nasty stuff, and coming in contact with it directly can hurt you or a loved one, or even start a fire in your home. There are many deaths associated with electricity each year, so if you don’t want that risk yourself, you can easily find a quality electrician to do the job for you. In this guide, we’ll give you some quick tips on what the best electricians can do for you.

Can I Do it Myself?

Believe it or not, there are some things that an electrician may be hesitant to do, especially if it’s something extremely minor. An electrician can technically change out all of the light bulbs in your home, replace an outlet, a light switch, etc. But do you really want to spend all of that extra money on something you can literally do yourself? 

Even if you can’t change your lightbulbs because of physical conditions, you don’t want to pay someone hundreds of dollars because it takes them 2 hours to change all of the light bulbs in your house out. Therefore, a reputable and trustworthy electrician will simply give you the right instructions on how to do those tasks at hand so it is a little easier on your pocketbook as well.

Do They Have Licenses and Insurance?

You always want to make sure that if it’s not a project you can (or want to) do yourself, and you end up hiring an electrician, then you must know that they have the proper licenses and insurance. A qualified electrician has to go through some tremendous training in order to get that license displaying that they know a lot about regulations, safety codes, and even just electrical systems in general, which is a humongous bonus to you. Ask plenty of questions and get references as well before you go with one, even if they’re appointed to you from another company.

Commercial or Residential

When it comes to things like lighting and power, you need to know that there are commercial applications and construction, and then there is home (or residential) electrical services that may be needed. Make sure that your quality electrician is trained and specialized to do the job that you’re asking them to do.

Also make sure that your electrician is not only licensed, but insured. Most successful contractors have liability insurance that not only covers them in an accident, but goes hand in hand with their service guarantee (which every good contractor will have), so it covers them and doesn’t hold you liable for any damages that you, the electrician, or even your home or equipment can face.


For all of your commercial or residential electrical application needs, THG Electrical will be able to get the job done well for you and be able to help you in case you need something simple or something complex repaired or replaced. They even specialize in lighting so your home can operate well with cost effectiveness (lights are one of the main power drainers in your home), and even have connections to use the finest energy saving appliances out there as well.