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Find the Right Choices for the best cnc plasma cutters

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Plasma is a great invention for metallurgists, bodybuilders and boilermakers. In comparison with oxycutting (oxygen + acetylene), reserved for large thicknesses, this is a process which allows rapid and flexible cutting and dismantling. Torch, nozzle: full throttle on the best cnc plasma cutters.

Important features

  • Compressor
  • Torch
  • Nozzle
  • Cutting thickness
  • Discover our plasma cutters

What is Plasma and Plasma Cutter

Nothing to do with blood plasma. Without being an astrophysicist, one can describe the plasma as an ionized conductive gas, that is to say a gas in which free electrons move without being attached to atoms. Well, we are not going to take a course in applied physics but here the gas is air which has become plasma to drive out the metal, which must be a conductor, in fusion at very high temperature.

For the production of air, an auxiliary or integrated compressor is necessary. A sophisticated torch completes the cutting equipment as well as a ground clamp to be fixed on the part or the sheet to be cut.

Composition of a plasma cutter

The plasma cutter is a set of elements that combined allows metal cutting with precision of the order of a millimeter.

For this feat to occur, you need know-how but also equipment. Equipment detail:

  • a direct current 230V or 400V inverter with or without an integrated compressor.
  • a torch with cables and hoses with a length of 3 to 4 meters to be able to work easily.
  • a set of spare parts and consumables for the torch because at such temperatures, maintenance is routine.
  • an earth cable to be able to connect the clamp to… earth.
  • guidance accessories for better precision.
  • the inverter , a technology based on the use of electronics to make welding current generators into intelligent machines.

How a plasma cutter works

You should know that the plasma gives off a lot of smoke. It is therefore to be used in a ventilated place, outdoors and with adequate respiratory protection.

After having put the plasma cutter into service and placed the earth clamp on the sheet to be cut, the torch is approached and the trigger is pressed to trigger the remote ignition thanks to the high frequency and start the phase of metal melting. The technique is to keep the torch at a suitable distance for an even and clean cut. Many torch accessories are available to facilitate cutting such as:

  • a distance-keeping pad for those who tend to move away or get closer.
  • a compass for cutting discs.
  • a guide rule etc.

The cut often has a blunt side and a less clean side called the undercut. This is taken into account for the meaning of the work by favoring the undercut on the fall side. Find the right choices for the best cnc plasma cutters by visiting