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Few Tips to Prevent Termites Spread in Your Home 

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Termite Prevention and Control - Pests in the Home

Often many homes get termite infested and once they enter home, it is really difficult to remove them without taking help from any pest control company.

However, with proper care and maintenance of your property, you can prevent termite spreading in your property. Amco Ranger termite & pest solutions has suggested following few tips that can help in preventing termite spread. 


  • Seal the doors and windows


Seal up all cracks in the siding and rooftops of the home as termites can always enter through your doors and windows. 

Try to check all access points in your foundation too, so that you can ensure all the potential entry points will be sealed shut.


  • Remove moisture from home


Termites can enter into your home due to moisture presence, so remove moisture at home to keep all termites away. 

During summers, you may turn on your AC periodically to maintain not only cool temperature but also remove excess moisture.


  • Remove debris, timber from house


If you store timber under the property on soil, then it can offer an attractive source of food and nesting place for termites. Also, it will hide evidence of any termite. So, remove all timbers as well as debris from your property.


  • Fix any tap leakages


If there are leaking pipes, taps, or hot water overflowing pipes around your home then repairing these can reduce moisture levels, which can attract subterranean termites present under your property.


  • Reduce food resources


Always throw out all extra cellulose material lying around your house, like crawlspaces. 

Replace your landscaping mulch with any cellulose-free alternatives or try to move it back minimum 6” above from your foundation and same for wooden sidings.


  • Regularly inspect your wooden furniture


Besides in the wooden beams, joists and all other wooden structures, these termites can gladly feast on your wooden deck furniture as well as hardwood floors installed around your property. So, you must regularly inspect them and keep them clean.


  • Hot water from AC must be diverted outside


Always divert all the hot water services as well as air conditioning overflows that come out due to condensation, that must be thrown away from side of house and make sure that all downspouts are connected properly.


  • Maintain proper distance between wood and soil


Those who are maintaining a garden in their house must ensure that proper distance is maintained between the wood and soil. As per experts, at least 18” distance is very important. 

This can discourage any termite attack on the home foundation and also the furniture.


  • Before painting use borate on the wood


You can also spray borate on the wood before priming and painting. Borate soaks into woods and can prevent termites from attacking. After this termite spray gets dried, you may prime and paint and use them normally.

This borate spray can be strong enough to prevent termites for decades.


  • Infected items must be placed under the sun


If you notice any of wooden furniture affected by termite then keep them in sunlight for 3 days, as termites cannot live under the sun for longer.